Revolutionary Flexible Anti-Rifle Body Armor for Security Operators and SPECOPS

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by David Crane

If you’re a private military contractor working in the military PSD (Personal Security Detachment/Detail)/Security Operator role, or you’re engaged in military Special Operations as an operator, and you’re looking for the absolute best body armor solution for protecting yourself against enemy rifle ammunition, then, well…you can stop looking.

You want to get yourself a Pinnacle Armor Inc. SOV-1000 (titanium composite) or SOV-2000 (ceramic composite) "Dragon Skin" Level III "+" or Level IV "+" ballistic vest, as soon as possible. Period. End of story. Run, don’t walk. That is, if you can afford one. Technological superiority does come with a price, after all.

Here’s a pic of a Pinnacle Armor Inc. SOV-1000 "Dragon Skin" titanium composite disc/panel that’s been shot with a 7.62x51mm M80 ball round:…

SOV-1000/Dragon Skin titanium composite disc/panel with 7.62x51mm M80 ball round stuck in it. M80 ball constitutes a NIJ Level IV ballistic threat, and Pinnacle’s SOV-1000 Level III "+" system has stopped it. Backface Deformation Signature is only 9mm (just over 5/16"). SoldierTech just published an article about this revolutionary body armor.
Click on this link to read it. The article is titled "BODY ARMOR TIMES 10: Pinnacle’s Innovative, Flexible Body Armor"

Pinnacle Armor Inc. is literally 15-30 years ahead of everyone else when it comes to advanced hard armor (body armor) solutions. Pinnacle Armor scalar body armor is thinner and lighter than any other anti-rifle-protective body armor in the world. It’s also flexible (it flexes and moves with your body), and suffers less backface deformation signature (BDS) proportional to its thickness than any other hard body armor product currently being made.

After you get done reading the article, if you’d like to contact Pinnacle Armor Inc. about their SOV/Dragon Skin flexible scalar hard armor system (SOV-1000 and SOV-2000 body armor), you can contact them by phone at 559-292-3185 or 800-200-0915. Ask for Murray Neal. You can also contact Murray via email at SoldierTech is a content partner.

Revolutionary Flexible Anti-Rifle Body Armor for Security Operators and SPECOPS by

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