New Shrike 5.56 belt-fed M16 upper videos and photos

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“I’ve had the opportunity to fire over 1000 rounds through a production Shrike 5.56 – Advanced Weapons System™ from Ares Defense of Radford, Virginia.

The video and photos are posted here:…

Two of the pics you can see there are below:

The part1 video shows some stills of the various parts, and disassembly and reassembly.
The part2 video is all shooting.

I made the files encapsulated in self-extracting zip files so that they would not be playable ‘live streaming’ because they are too big for that. Save them to disk and then run them (or use Stuffit or WinZip to extract them if you prefer to not run an executable file). A Windows MediaPlayer 9 file will appear on your desktop.

There are two file sizes, SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition). HD requires a 2.4Ghz Pentium-4 or any Pentium-M notebook. SD is for most PCs over 600Mhz. It really is High Definition TV and plays in a 1280×720 window.

So how did the Shrike run? Great! It worked perfectly with the following ammo: Federal XM193 (LC), IMI M193, Winchester Q3131, Winchester Q3131A. It also worked with several other types of commercial (non-NATO) ammo at a higher gas setting.

So what is my overall impression of the Shrike 5.56? Excellent. It was clearly a mature product ready for serious use. The fit and finish was as good as can be, and it was very light for a 5.56x45mm LMG/SAW (Light Machine Gun/Squad Automatic Weapon)–in fact, one could use a Shrike 5.56 as their only / everyday rifle! It is everyday ‘shoulderable’ which cannot be said of the M249 LMG/SAW.”

New Shrike 5.56 belt-fed M16 upper videos and photos by

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