Patriot Arms Inc. Combat/Tactical Shotguns for Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

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by David Crane

DefenseReview readers might remember the article we wrote on Patriot Arms, Inc. high-end custom sniper rifles back in May, 2004, titled "High-End Silenced Sniper/Long-Range-Interdiction Rifles from Patriot Arms Inc.". That article was basically a recap of Al Paulson’s excellent article on Patriot Arms that he wrote for "Special Weapons for Military & Police".

Patriot Arms Inc.
owner Jered Joplin apparently wasn’t content to sit on his laurels, because Patriot Arms is making some…

really cool custom tactical/combat shotguns (12-gauge), right now.

Gunwriter Charlie Cutshaw recently had a Patriot Arms tactical shotgun built for himself and wrote about it in the May 2005 issue of "Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement". Charlie chose a used Remington 870 pump-action shotgun that formerly belonged to the Toledo Police Dept. as his base gun for the project/article.

From the pics and text, it looks and reads like Joplin made one hellacious combat/tactical scattergun for Charlie that should prove perfect for CQB (Close Quarters Battle). Joplin backbored the barrel to increase projectile velocity (as much as 50 fps), improve accuracy (especially with slugs), and reduce shot deformation and create more uniform shot pattern. Backboring, a.k.a. "overboring", also reduces barrel weight and, according to Cutshaw, may improve weapon balance.

For lubrication, Cutshaw used Mil-Comm TW-25B PTFE spray. For his tactical sling, Cutshaw went with a Specter Gear tactical sling. The Patriot Arms tactical shotgun (article gun) was finished with Lauer Custom Weaponry’s DuraCoat, so it would be weather-resistant/corrosion-resistant. The article gun also features a Speedfeed Inc. pistolgrip stock, MMC Ghost Ring rear and tritium front sights, Scattergun Technologies magazine tube, and Tacstar Sidesaddle Shotshell Carrier.

DefRev looks forward to talking with Jered about Patriot Arms tactical shotguns, soon. In the meantime…

Jered Joplin/Patriot Arms Inc. (Custom Rifles and Shotguns) can be contacted by phone at 706-367-8881, or by email at

Addendum (6/21/05): On May 06, 2005, we received the following message via email from Jered (Joplin) regarding Mr. Cutshaw’s article, discussed above. Here’s what Jered wrote to the author (some sections have been removed or modified for privacy and clarity):

"David, I thought I’d drop you a note and mention that back boring doesn’t remove enough metal to ever actually notice a weight difference. It removes .010-.015 of material. You would need a very sensitive scale to even measure the weight difference.

2.5 inches at 25 yards…come on I can shoot a sling shot that [well]! Those groups [mentioned in Cutshaw’s article] were fired off hand. Off the bags, those shotguns [Patriot Arms Tactical Shotguns] will shoot a ragged hole at 50 yards."

DefenseReview apologizes for the delay in printing the above addendum to this article. 

Patriot Arms Inc. Combat/Tactical Shotguns for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) by

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