Thursday, September 28, 2023

Now You Can Carry Your Glock

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Most people are familiar with the phrase "Glock Perfection". It’s on Glock’s brochures, and mimmicked by Glock owners everywhere, whose numbers are legion. And, it must be said that those claims are pretty accurate. While not perfect, Glock pistols are just about as close to perfection as can reasonably be achieved via mass production. That said, if there’s one feature for which many Glock owners have voiced desire, something that would make the Glock just that much closer to actual perfection, it would be the addition of a frame mounted, sweep-down, manual safety. *Click on "Read More" below, for the rest of the story…*
Yes, we all know that the best and most reliable safety mechanism for any firearm is the one sitting right between our ears, and that a lot of folks consider a manual safety on a Glock to be both redundant and unnecessary. There’s simply no doubt that keeping one’s finger off the trigger, until one is ready to fire, is quite simply the best way to go–always. However, there is one very good reason to consider a manual safety, and that’s a situation that’s all too common in law enforcement arrest situations–the gungrab. This is the tragic situation where a suspect takes an officer’s weapon from him, and proceeds to murder said officer with said weapon.

This situation can also happen to armed civilians, especially after getting into an unarmed scuffle, where the aggressor notices the owner’s concealed firearm either by sight or feel, and attempts to gain possession of it. It is a proven fact that a manual safety can give the gun’s owner precious seconds(or even longer) in a situation like this, to either disarm his attacker or run to safety, all while the gungrabber is sitting there trying to make the gun fire.

So, for all those who would prefer to have a manual safety on their personal Glock for just this reason, it looks like your day in the sun has come. Joe Cominolli, of Cominolli Custom, has just come out with the answer to your prayers, an honest to God frame-mounted safety that operates exactly like the one on that custom 1911 or Browning Hi-Power sitting in your closet. His manual safety kit can be installed by pretty much any competent gunsmith, or a person who is intimately familiar with the Glock’s operation and has a little spare free time.

A list of gunsmiths, besides Cominolli himself, who can install the device for you is currently listed on Cominolli’s page on the Glock manual safety.

So, for those of you that have responded to the term "safe-action" with "Yeah, right", you can now have a truly safe Glock, because you can now put your Glock "on safe" with your thumb or index finger(if you’re a lefty).

The author’s personal carry gun is a box stock Glock 19 w/Trijicon night sights. Let’s just say that yours truly will be taking a very serious look at this custom feature, once he is assured that the Glock’s legendary reliability will remain intact with the device installed.

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