NG2 Defense MZLMAX Advanced Flow Dynamics)/Vent Forward Design (AFD/VFD) Muzzle Manager: Revolutionary Rifle Muzzle Device Maximizes Blast Mitagation and Recoil Reduction! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

April 14, 2018

As if full-auto-rated zero-back-pressure suppressors (silencers/sound suppressors) aren’t enough, Ernie Bray and the NG2 Defense (NEXGEN2 Defense) gang have also designed and developed “the first truly effective Multi-Dimensional Muzzle Device” called the MZLMAX AFD Muzzle Manager. Interesting…and catchy. Just like the NG2 cans (suppressors), the NG2 MZLMAX utilizes NG2’s AFD (Advanced Flow Dynamics) tech, and then adds Vent Forward Design, or VFD, to vent the gases forward. It gets better. According to NG2, the MZLMAX’s VFD design “implements our 3D ‘Delay, Diffuse and Direct,’ gas management principle. The MZLMAX re-defines ‘state of the art’ for firearms muzzle management.” Sounds pretty good.

The NG2 MZLMAX AFD/VFD Muzzle Manager’s main claim to combat/tactically-relevant fame is its ability to mitigate the muzzle blast enough and direct gases forward so the shooter doesn’t injure himself or others, or damage anyting around the muzzle upon firing. “So this kinda’ does it all. It does it all in one package. Very balanced design. So, you can put it on. You’re gettin’ the flash mitigation, you’re gettin’ recoil mitigation, you’re managing and directing your blast signature, all in one unit,” says Bray.

Assuming the MZLMAX does everything Bray says it does, it’s pretty impressive.

DefenseReview (DR) got our hands on both the 5.56mm NATO (5.56x45mm NATOO)/.223 Rem. and 7.62mm NATO (7.62x51mm NATO)/. .308 Win. NG2 MZLMAX AFD/VFD Muzzle Manager tactical rifle barrel muzzle device variants at SHOT Show 2018, and it intrigued us. So, we interviewed Mr. Bray about it on camera, as well (see DR’s video below). He explains the technology better than we ever could, so have a look.

Hopefully, Defense Review can get a MZLMAX into DR writer/contributor and chief new-product tester Jeff Gurwitch’s hands in the near future, so he can run it at the range and give us his thoughts on it. If Gurwitch says it’s good to go, it’s good to go.

NG2 MZLMAX AFD Muzzle Manager Specs:

Diameter: 1.187″
Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Threading: 5.56 – 1/2-28 7.62 – 5/8-24

Company Contact Info:

NexGen2 (NG2) Defense Headquarters
218 West 12650 South
Draper, Utah 84020
Phone: 801.692.7091
Email: [email protected]

NG2 Dealer Contact Info:

Phone: 801.692.7094
Email: [email protected]

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All embedded (DR) photos and videos were shot with an Apple iPhone 6s Plus smartphone still/video camera.

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NG2 Defense MZLMAX Advanced Flow Dynamics)/Vent Forward Design (AFD/VFD) Muzzle Manager: Revolutionary Rifle Muzzle Device Maximizes Blast Mitagation and Recoil Reduction! (Video!) by

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