B.E. Meyers / SureFire Open-Prong Flash Hiders/Adaptors for Special Operations

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by David Crane
defrev at gmail dot com

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March 10, 2008

While DefenseReview was exploring the SureFire, LLC booth at SHOT Show 2008, we ran into Don Alexander of SHD Consulting, Inc., who was nice enough to take a couple of minutes to show us a SureFire Open-Prong Flash Hider/Suppressor Adaptor (sound suppressor adaptor) for 5.56x45mm NATO (5.56mm NATO) / .223 Rem. tactical weapons, including tactical AR-15/M16 rifles, carbines and SBR/subcarbines.

The latest SureFire Open-Prong Flash Hiders (a.k.a. flash suppressors) were designed and developed by B.E. Meyers for use with that company’s advanced night-vision weapons sights and NODs (Night Observation Devices) / night vision equipment, but SureFire is…

licensing the patented technology to integrate with SureFire Fast-Attach Suppressors (sound suppressors / silencers).

This strategic teaming would appear to be a wise move by SureFire, since B.E. Meyers flash hiders/suppressors are generally considered to be "shit-hot" (a.k.a. "the shit" a.k.a. awesome) and extremely effective by people in "the community" (tactical community). Defense Review has viewed video footage of a B.E. Meyers "Flash Terminator" being demonstrated in almost complete darkness, and the flash-suppression effect is impressive. In the video, the B.E. Meyers flash hider/suppressor virtually eliminated the weapon’s visual firing signature (i.e. muzzle flash). While it din’t eliminate it completely, it came really close. Impressively close.

High-degree muzzle flash reduction / virtual elimination can be extremely important during night operations a.k.a. nighttime operations, since it not only helps to conceal the shooter’s position, but also prevents the degradation of the shooter’s vision while using NODs and/or night vision weapon sights in conjunction with a daytime weapon sight or scope.

SureFire flash suppressors (flash hiders) are precision-machined from high-quality, heat-treated stainless steel, making them extremely durable and heat-resistant, so they’ll last a long time in the field under combat conditions, including adverse conditions, (water, mud, dirt, sand, ice, etc.). Lock-up between a SureFire Open-Prong Flash Hider/Adapter and SF Fast-Attach sound suppressor is rock-solid.

Defense Review hasn’t run a B.E. Meyers / SureFire Flash Hider on a tactical AR carbine or SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) at the range, yet, but we look forward to doing so soon while we’re testing some tactical-config AR uppers (i.e. AR-15/M16 upper receivers). However, before we do that, we’re going to try to get in touch with Barry Dueck, Director of SureFire Suppressor Division, to glean more information about SureFire sound suppressors and flash hiders.

B.E. Meyers M249/M16/M4 .223 Cal MG – 249F Flash Terminator Fact Sheet

Call for pricing.

Company Contact Info:

SureFire Sound Suppressor Division

18300 Mount Baldy Circle

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

800-828-8809 Toll Free

714-545-9444 Office

714-545-9537 Fax

helpyou@surefire.com Email (Military / Law Enforcement Sales)


B.E. Meyers
800-327-5648 Toll Free
425-881-6648 Office
425-867-1759 Fax

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B.E. Meyers / SureFire Open-Prong Flash Hiders/Adaptors for Special Operations by

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