New ‘Pathfinder’ Fixed-Blade Tactical/Survival Knife by Hayes Knives

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Wally Hayes, of Hayes Knives, has just come out with the first tactical/survival fixed blade knife featuring an integral red led light that’s built right into the handle.

It’s called the "Pathfinder". The led light on the Pathfinder is activated by pushing a button on the handle. Wally added the red led so…

the operator can use read maps and other stuff at night without having to pull out a separate flashlight to get the job done.

The Pathfinder’s spearpoint blade is 6.5" long. The handle is black micarta. The sheath is also interesting, as it comes with a magnesium fire starter and Silva compass. Price on the Pathfinder is $490 US + shipping.

Hayes Knives is, of course, still offering the excellent Tac Custom and TAC-1 knives. This is what Hayes Knives has to say about these two tactical knives:

"Working in cooperation with local Police, SWAT and ERT units, Wally has designed and custom built the Hayes TAC-1 and the TAC-Custom. Two incredibly solid pieces of tactical weaponry for professionals. These blades were requested by police professionals whose lives depend on their tools. The resounding success of these custom blades with SWAT and ERT members has convinced Wally to start producing these amazing blades for sale to collectors."

If you’d like to inquire about any of these knives, you can contact Wally Hayes/Hayes Knives at 613-824-9520.

New ‘Pathfinder’ Fixed-Blade Tactical/Survival Knife by Hayes Knives by

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