Mini AJ Utility Hammer Forcible Entry Tool for LE SWAT/SRT Tactical Operations

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by David Crane

The Mini AJ Utility Hammer, by Clemenson Enterprises Inc. (CEI), is a tactical forcible entry tool that’s gotten some very good feedback so far by a number of federal, state, and city LE tactical (SWAT/SRT) and field units.

Linda Fox, marketing director/sales executive for Clemenson Enterprises Inc. (CEI), started selling to the law enforcement market about five years ago by asking questions about entry tools, and then offering departments an opportunity to field test CEI’s Mini AJ Utility Hammer. The knowledge gained from these organizations has helped to improve and refine/fine-tune this versatile tool. The field testing has provided an avenue to use the Mini AJ Utility Hammer in live situations before actually purchasing it, and has proven appealing to both CEI and it’s customers.

Here are some Mini AJ Utility Hammer aspects that are appreciated by customers (some of them customer quotes), provided to DefRev by Linda Fox (CEI):…

— The Mini AJ Utility Hammer is a one person operated tool making it safer to use.

— It’s like a combined Heligan and sledge hammer making it safer because fewer people have to be at the door.

— Compared to K-Bar, it’s a better built, stronger, more compact, and more versatile tool.

— The Mini AJ Utility Hammer is very durable and well-made of quality steel .

— The Mini AJ Utility Hammer is lightweight and easy to carry .

— It can be carried under a jacket, and I especially like the (tactical) sling.

— The Mini AJ Utility Hammer works with the Ram, not to replace it .

— It’s good in tight areas.

— Bits can be quickly changed for multiple uses.

— Sling is good if you need to carry the Mini AJ Utility Hammer.

— Used for forcible entry.

— Can be used for breaching home safes, saving the cost of a locksmith.

— Great tool for many of the situations Law Enforcement teams get into.

— This tool pays for itself (usually) the first time you use it live.

— Specialized bits are available for any job, including a sparkless model.

If you’d like to purchase or T&E the CEI Mini AJ Utility Hammer, you can contact Linda Fox at Clemenson Enterprises Inc. (CEI) at 763-425-1167 or via email at to see how to test the Mini AJ Utility Hammer for your own team. Many agencies across the US have done so including these:

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)



State Tactical (SWAT/SRT) Teams

Local Police Department SWAT/SRT Teams

County Sheriffs Task Force/SWAT Teams

Combined Tactical/SWAT Teams

If you decide to contact Linda Fox at CEI, be sure to ask her about the AJ Tactical Sling Kit that can be ordered separately.

In the meantime, here are some Mini AJ Utility Hammer Testimonials:

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with your AJ Utility Hammer. It is a very impressive tool. Works like you said it would."

SGT Victor Hadash, Jr
Bay City Police Dept

"We used the Mini AJ Utility Hammer tool in training as well as on several drug search warrant entries. We found that the hammer was very useful. It could be used as a Hooligan tool and Ram both in one unit. This versatility is very important in the field."

R. Johnson, Detective
Special Operations/SWAT
Fulton County Police Dept

"Thanks for your assistance in regard to the Mini AJ Utility Hammer. We have already had the opportunity to use it on a search warrant and the entry was successful."

SGT Chris Pamatian
Criminal Investigations Division
Casselberry Police Dept

"Your company has succeeded in combining a sledge hammer and a Halogen tool to create something that can be operated by one man rather than two."

Mark Umprovitch
Operational Commander
New Mexico State Police Tactical Team

"At our last training meeting we used the Mini AJ Utility Hammer at a local salvage yard on a vehicle. I was impressed with the actions of this tool. I do appreciate the use of this tool for a month to try it out. The check’s in the mail."

Bruce Davis, Chief
Pinehurst / Dooly County Fire Dept

Here are a few more law enforcement organizations that have purchased the Mini AJ Utility Hammer:

US Customs Brownsville, TX

AL Bureau of Investigations

PA Office of Attorney General

Volasia County Sheriff, TX

Indiana State Police

Las Vegas Metro SWAT

Mini AJ Utility Hammer Forcible Entry Tool for LE SWAT/SRT Tactical Operations by

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