KRISS K10 Super V Vector XSMG Multi-Caliber Submachine Gun (SMG) and DEFIANCE Silencers/Sound Suppressors: Redesigned and Improved .45 ACP/9mm/.40 S&W Subgun for Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Applications (SHOT Show 2011 Photos!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

All photos contained in this article were taken by, and are copyrighted. owns the copyright on these photos. The photos were shot with a Canon PowerShot S90 10-megapixel digital camera (still camera with video capability).

February 4, 2011
Updated on 2/04/11.

DefenseReview (DR) was one of the first publications to publish detailed information and photos on the KRISS Super V Vector XSMG .45 ACP submachine gun (SMG), which is manufactured and marketed by KRISS USA. In fact, we had previously reported on it when it was still just a rather primitive prototype, before it was even called the Super V Vector, back in September 2005. We then T&E’d the KRISS a little bit at NDIA Small Arms Systems Symposium 2008.

I, your humble correspondent, then personally spoke about the KRISS Super V Vector XSMG .45 subgun on the Close Quarter Battle Weapons (CQB Weapons) episode of Ultimate Weapons on The Military Channel in 2009. They still run that show and specific episode on The Military Channel, by the way, so check it out, sometime. In the meantime, here’s clip of the original production version of the KRISS Super V Vector .45ACP XSMG portion of the show (“CQB Weapons” episode of “Ultimate Weapons”):

Anyway, Defense Review recently got a chance to view and handle a prototype of the new and improved version of the KRISS XSMG called the KRISS K10 (also written KRISS K-10) at SHOT Show 2011. Christophe Guignard, VP Sales & Marketing at KRISS Systems SA (Switzerland), was kind enough to take us through the the K10 at the KRISS booth. The updated/upgraded feautures are numerous, but first and formost is the completely redesigned lower receiver and charging handle/cocking handle. The very large charging handle is now operated quickly and easily by pulling/yanking it in the same direction as the “Super V Vector” bolt carrier which reciprocates in a rearward-sloped downward motion in order to attenuate/mitigate recoil and thereby enhance the weapon’s full-auto controllability. The charging handle can be right-side or left-side situated, depending on the shooter. The KRISS K10 SMG’s upper receiver now sports a full-length Mil-Std-1913 “Picatinny” rail system and short quad-rail handguard/forend rail tube. The K10 utilizes a 5-position aluminum telescoping/retractable buttstock. The K10’s grip size/shape-adjustable.

KRISS is currently developing a proprietary 25-round magazine for the K10, which will also be compatible with the KRISS KARD .45 ACP pistol. The KARD pistol is currently under development, itself.

The select-fire KRISS K10 SMG’s standard safety/selector lever/switch will feature “Safe”, “Semi-Auto”, and “Full-Auto” settings, but a safety/selector switch with a 2-round burst setting will be available as an option. The K10’s barrel is configured to accept in-house designed and manufactured KRISS DEFIANCE series muzzle cans (silencers/sound suppressors), which feature an interesting and seemingly well-designed attachment/detachment method. The Defiance suppressors will come in two lengths, short for enough sound reduction to protect your hearing, or long for maximum sound mitigation/reduction. They feature an indexing ring with notches, and the pistol silencers utilize a spring-actuated impulse system to ensure slide function. The pistol suppressors also include a rear ring that you can turn to keep the slide from moving during the shot, for maximum silence during clandestine operations. Defiance suppressors also feature an index system, so you can instantly zero the suppressor to multiple firearms.

The K10 will be multi-caliber/”caliber-interchangeable” for .45 ACP, 9mm Parabellum/9mm NATO (9x19mm NATO), and .40 S&W calibers. This process is made simple via bhe K10’s single takedown pin, which also simplifies the weapon’s maintenance procedure.

The KRISS K10 SMG and DEFIANCE cans will, of course, have to prove themselves with military assaulters/spec-operators (Special Operations Forces) and law enforcement (LE) SWAT operators. If the K10 proves itself to be accurate, reliable, and durable under adverse conditions (mud, sand, dirt, water, snow, ice, etc.) at high round count under various temperatures/environmental conditions, DR believes the K10 will be successful in the marketplace. .45 subguns utilized in full-auto burst mode can put bad guys down pretty fast and reliably in close quarters battle/close quarters combat (CQB/CQC) scenarios, especially if they’re controllable on full-auto. Same accuracy/reliability/durability criteria goes for the Defiance series cans.

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