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KBM IGLA-S MANPADS: Russian Manpackable Shoulder-Launched Fire-and-Forget Surface-to-Air Missile System

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

September 14, 2009
Updated on 9/15/09

Russian arms manufacturer KBM (KB Mashynostroyeniya) (Moscow region, Russia) is currently offering an improved/uprated next-generation version of the IGLA 9K38 MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Defense System) manpackable fire-and-forget surface-to-air missile launcher system called the IGLA-S (“Needle-S”), or IGLA-Super, portable antiaircraft missile complex (PAAMC) for export to foreign countries. “PAAMC” is alternative nomenclature for “MANPADS”. The next-gen IGLA-S system, full name 9K338 9M342 Igla-S / SA-24 Grinch offers significantly extended engagement/firing range and enhanced kill probability and warhead lethality over the previous-generation IGLA system against all types of aerial targets, including “small-size targets” like cruise missiles and UAS/UAVs. The IGLA-S brochure also claims that IGLA-S has “night-firing capability” and is difficult to jam (i.e. highly immune to electronic jamming).

Company literature on the KBM IGLA-S MANPADS manpackable missile system doesn’t specify the size of the UAS/UAV systems it can engage, but the General Atomics (GA) Sky Warrior and MQ-9 Predator B/ReaperHellfire missile-armed UAS/UAVs, AAI Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TUAS) (including the RQ-7B Shadow tactical UAS), Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Navy Fire Scout unmanned helicopter system, and Aerovironment (AV) RQ-11 Raven B and Puma AE mini-UAV/UAS could all be vulnerable to the IGLA-S, and the IGLA-S is definitely a threat to low-flying, slow-moving U.S. manned aircraft like the Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, propeller-driven fixed-wing aircraft like the Lockheed AC-130H Spectre and AC-13U Spooky gunships, the Northrop Grumman A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog” close air support (CAS)/ground attack jet aircraft, and the Boeing V-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft.

The IGLA-S is essentially the Russian equivalent of the Raytheon FIM-92 Stinger Short-Range Air Defense (SRAD) system a.k.a. Stinger Weapon System a.k.a. Stinger Missile System, first made famous during the Soviet Aghanistan War during the 1980s, thanks to (Democratic) Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson. DefenseReview doesn’t yet know how IGLA-S and Stinger stack up against each other capability/performance-wise.

It’s possible that the Russians have already sold the IGLA-S to the Iranians, just as they have the advanced and sophisticated vehicle-mobile S-300 high-altitude surface-to-air missile system made by Almaz Scientific Industrial Corporation (ASIC) a.k.a. NPO Almaz. Defense Review doesn’t know whether or not Russia has any plans to sell the Iranians the even more advanced S-400 Triumf (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler) air defense system.  According to the Los Angeles Times, “In July, the Bogota daily newspaper El Tiempo quoted anonymous sources in a secret Colombian government agency that tracks the FARC’s arms dealings as saying FARC leader Ivan Marquez was negotiating with ‘Venezuelan contacts’ to buy as many as 20 Russian shoulder-fired IGLA S-24 surface-to-air missiles.” The likely scenario is that the Venezuelan government (i.e. Hugo Chavez) is actively supplying the IGLA-S systems to allow the FARC to discombobulate the Colombian government’s counterinsurgency efforts.  Mr. Chavez has been engaging in quite the military arms buildup as of late, which is of more than a little concern to U.S. government officials.

Right-click here to download and view the KBM IGLA-S MANPADS brochure.

The following IGLA-S info and specs come from the IGLA-S web page on the KBM website:

IGLA-S man-portable air defence missile system

Purpose: the system is designed to engage front line aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and UAVs under direct visibility conditions and in the night time, head-on and tail chase, in background clutter and thermal countermeasures environment.

IGLA-S MANPADS is a new-generation system featuring considerably extended firing range and enhanced kill probability against aerial targets and possessing a new quality for this class of systems – high engagement effectiveness against small-size targets like cruise missiles and UAVs.

Main features of IGLA-S system:

– enhanced kill probability against aerial targets and increased warhead lethality due to:
– increased HE quantity (by 1.5 times as compared to IGLA system);
– in-depth impact detonation of the missile warhead adjusting the rate of embedding to the approach speed;
– proximity detonation of the missile warhead (in the event of mishit) with optimization of the detonation point;
– detonation of the sustainer’s remaining solid propellant;
– advanced missile accuracy characteristics.
– extended firing range of up to 6.0 km as compared with 5.2 km for IGLA system due to missile improved aerodynamic characteristics;
– night firing capability due to application of a night vision device holder and a light weight night vision device development.
– easy installation on various platforms
Unified modules are the base for:
– formation of “air-air” guided weapon system;
– formation of a mobile air defence missile system of high covertness;
– combination with AD gun systems;
– combination with medium and long range air defence systems;
– formation of shipborne air defence systems.

IGLA-S system is a successor of IGLA missile system family outperforming them in effectiveness, reliability, service life and survivability and retaining their best merits:
– shoulder firing by a single gunner;
– “fire-and-forget” concept;
– high resistance to background clutter and thermal countermeasures;
– easy aiming and launching;
– easy maintenance and training;
– high covertness of use;
– retained operability in extreme operational environment.

Range: 6000 m
Target kill altitude: 10-3500 m
Target velocity
in head-on: 400 m/s
in tail chase: 320 m/s
Combat equipment weight: max 19 kg
Missile caliber: 72 mm
Missile length: 1635 mm
Missile weight: 11.7 kg
Warhead weight: 2.5 kg
Time to transfer the system from the travelling position to combat: max 13 s
Jamming immunity: high

Company Contact Info:

KB Mashynostroyeniya (KBM)
Address: 42, Oksky avenue, Kolomna, Moscow region, 140402 Russia
Fax: +7- 496-613-30-64
Phone numbers:
Officer on duty: +7-496-616-34-68
Deputy Technical Director on general issues. Secretary: +7-496-616-31-50
Chief of Department for Import, Export of Special Equipment and Services: +7-496-613-32-77; +7-496-612-19-44
Personnel Management Service. Secretary: +7-496-616-30-73
Е-mail: [email protected]

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KBM IGLA-S MANPADS: Russian Manpackable Shoulder-Launched Fire-and-Forget Surface-to-Air Missile System by

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