IWI Masada Tactical: Polymer-Framed, Striker-Fired High-Capacity 9mm Pistol is Fully Ambidextrous!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

May 31, 2022

DefenseReview’s (DR) been covering IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) products for years now (see “Related Articles” below), as we find them interesting. So, we were happy to see that IWI’s just released an interesting pistol called the Masada Tactical. The IWI Masada Tactical is a polymer-framed, striker-fired high-capacity 9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO pistol with ambidextrous controls and a natural-pointing, ergonomic grip. Since the pistol is striker fired, it’s got a relatively low bore axis, which should enhance the end-user’s ability to make quick follow-up shots…on target.

And, it’s optics and suppressor-ready, thanks to its four (4) adapter plates (RMR, Venom, Delta Point and Romeo1) and 4.6″ (4.6-inch) threaded barrel (with thread protector).

The following information comes from the IWI website:

IWI MASADA 9mm polymer framed striker-fired pistol was developed in order to provide an advanced solution to the modern battlefield requirements. Much more than just another striker-fired pistol, the MASADA features a low profile barrel for reduced perceived recoil. Fully ambidextrous controls and enhanced ergonomics which provide a natural and instinctive pointing grip angle. Three interchangeable wrap around back-straps coupled with the deep beavertail enabling the MASADA pistol to fit a wide variety of hand sizes.

MASADA’s frame is made of high strength, impact resistant fiberglass reinforced polymers. Like all IWI firearms, it is built to withstand and endure all types of military use and abuse in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

MASADA utilizes a modular serialized high grade steel trigger mechanism housing that can be easily removed, allowing simple and easy disassembly and maintenance.

MASADA’s trigger is designed to enhance the shooter’s accuracy and safety. The MASADA trigger has a 6 lb trigger pull. with a clean and crisp break and a positive reset. Featuring a built-in trigger safety, the pistol will not fire unless the trigger is pulled.

MASADA is an optics-ready platform and is designed to be used with the Trijicon RMR, Vortex Venom, Leupold Delta Point Pro, and Sig Romeo1 optics. Respective adapter plates and screws for each of these optics allow the optic to mount directly to Masada’s slide. Mounting any optic other than those listed here will risk damaging the firearm. Please contact IWI US Customer Service with questions or for details.

– 4.6″ threaded barrel with thread protector
– Optimized ergonomic design
– Clean and crisp trigger reset with a built in trigger safety
– Suppressor height combat sights
– Integrated picatinny style accessory rail
– Optic ready pistol with 4 adapter plates (RMR, Venom, Delta Point and Romeo1)
– Low barrel axis for reduced perceived recoil
– 3 Interchangeable wrap around back-straps – S, M, L
– Large trigger guard for use with or without gloves
– Enhanced grip texture which enables faster follow-up shots in all conditions
– Fully ambidextrous operating controls: slide stop lever, magazine release

Restricted States:

Each MASADA comes with two standard capacity magazines or two 10 round magazines for consumers who reside in states with magazine capacity restrictions.

Color: Black

Model Number(s): M9ORP10T, M9ORP17T, M9ORP17TFD, M9ORP17TOD
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Action: Semi-auto
Operating System: Striker Fired
Magazine Type: IWI, Steel
Magazine Capacity: 10 Round, 17 Round
Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
Barrel Length: 4.6″
Thread Pitch: 1/2 x 28 TPI
Overall Length: 7.9″
Weight: 1 lb 7 oz
Rifling: Button Rifled, 1:10 RH
Sights: Suppressor Height Combat Sights
MSRP: $480.00″

Company Contact Info:

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI)
1441 Stoneridge Dr.
Middletown, PA 17057
Phone: 1-717-695-2081

Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4 PM ET

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IWI Masada Tactical: Polymer-Framed, Striker-Fired High-Capacity 9mm Pistol is Fully Ambidextrous! by

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