Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus High-Capacity Sub-Compact 9mm/.40 S&W Combat/Tactical Pstol for Covert Concealed Carry (CCW): Up to 13+1 Rounds!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

May 6, 2021

Speaking (or in this case, writing) of interesting and cool new little concealed carry (CCW) combat/tactical pistols, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus 9mm/.40 S&W sub-compact pistol looks interesting to us. While we here at DefenseReview (DR) are primarily Glock guys, we DO like other manufacturers’ products, and the Smith & Wesson M&P line-up also looks quite good. The S&W M&P Shield Plus gives you a nice sub-compact little package with a 3.1″ (3.1-inch) barrel and a 10+1 (flush fit) and 13+1-round (extended) ammo capacity (using the starndard supplied mags), along with an overall length of 6.1″ (6.1 inches), width of 1.1″ (1.1 inches), and an OA (OverAll) weight of 20.2 oz (ounces) empty. So, it’s looking pretty good so far, at least on paper.

The “stack-and-a-half”-design magazines are one of the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus’s two most interesting aspects, since it minimizes the extra width created by its high capacity (1.1″ vs .95″). That piddling .15″ increase gives you a rather large ammo bump over the original M&P Shield pistol.

The M&P Shield Plus’s other interesting feature is its trigger, which utilizes a blade-in safety. The new trigger is flat-faced, and has a “tactile and audible” trigger reset.

The M&P Shield Plus pistol’s grip angle is 18-degrees, which gives the shooter a natural, 1911-like point of aim.

Anyway, you can learn more about it, here.

Defense Review would love for DR writer/contributor and chief new-product tester Jeff Gurwitch to get his very professional hands on a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus for a full range wring-out in the not too distant future. That’d be nice. It should perhaps be noted that Gurwitch used to run M&P pistols in competition, and for carry, but has since gone to Glock. Your humble correspondent can’t remember why he made that transition at the moment, but I’ll ask him. That said, you really can’t go wrong with Glock (pistols)–but we still like Smith & Wesson pistols, too!

Company Contact Info:

Smith & Wesson
2100 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104
Toll Free: 800-331-0852
Phone: 413-781-8300
USA Fax: 413-747-3317
Intl. Fax: 413-731-8980
Email: [email protected]

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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus High-Capacity Sub-Compact 9mm/.40 S&W Combat/Tactical Pstol for Covert Concealed Carry (CCW): Up to 13+1 Rounds! by

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