G-Code SOC Rig: Tactical Kydex Thigh Holster from Edge-Works Manufacturing

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by David Crane

DefRev’s previous article on G-Code Kydex tactical holsters by Edge-Works Manufacturing was published in late September, 2002. It was titled "Looking for a Kydex Holster for Tactical Use or CCW? It’s G-Code Time." The article mentioned Edge-Works’/G-Code’s excellent REAC Ready Rig and SOC Rig, both of which are tactical thigh rigs, made from Kydex. The SOC Rig is particularly novel and innovative.

Well, there’s an excellent thread that was recently posted at TacticalForums.com by "tire_iron". DefRev highly recommends you read it, as it’s very informative. To read the thread, just…

click on this link. The thread is titled "G-Code SOC holster review".

In his post, "tire_iron" also mentions High Speed Gear Inc.’s excellent Drop Leg Holster made specifically for the Edge-Works Manufacturing/G-Code SOC Rig. According to "tire_iron, Gene Higdon, High Speed Gear Inc.’s owner, "makes the very best drop leg holster for ‘field wear’ in the world right now", and "also makes some of the best ‘chest rigs’ for carrying magazines on the planet, too." That’s pretty high praise, indeed.

"Tim_L" has posted an excellent high-res pic of a SOC Rig containing a 1911 pistol outfitted with (Coyote brown G10) Simonich Gunner Grips (dimpled grips). According to Tim_L, he experienced slightly faster draw times (1/10th of a second) with the SOC rig over the Safariland 6004 tactical thigh rig.

Scott Evans owns Edge-Works Manufacturing/G-Code. He can be reached at 910-455-9834, or via email at scott@tacticalholsters.com.

Gene Higdon is the owner of High Speed Gear Inc., and he can be reached at 910-325-1000, or toll-free at 877-301-2116 (within the U.S.). If you’d like to contact High Speed Gear Inc. by email, their email address is info@highspeedgearinc.com.

If you’d like to purchase a pair of Gunner Grips for your tactical 1911 pistol, as far as DefRev is aware, they’re still available from Simonich Knives. You’ll have to call them to check. Christine Simonich can be reached at 406-933-9151, or via email at christine@simonichknives.com. For those of you who aren’t already aware, Rob Simonich tragically passed away in a car accident on November 28th, 2003.

It’s possible that Strider Knives has taken over manufacturing of the Simonich Gunner Grips. Strider Knives can be reached at 760-471-8275, or via email at striderguys@striderknives.com. Strider Knives, owned and operated by Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer, makes some of the toughest tactical fixed blades and tactical folders in the business.

Click here to read an earlier TacticalForums.com thread on the Simonich Gunner Grips.

G-Code SOC Rig: Tactical Kydex Thigh Holster from Edge-Works Manufacturing by

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