Looking for a Kydex Holster for Tactical Use or CCW? It’s G-Code Time.

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by David Crane

There’s certainly no dirth of kydex holster makers right now. However, there’s one company out there that looks like it might just be the most innovative of the bunch, and that’s Edge-Works Manufacturing, the makers of G-Code holsters. For about the last 7 months, I’ve been using a G-Code paddle holster to carry around my third generation Glock 19, and I must say I’ve been extremely pleased with it. The gun fits nice and tight(but not too tight), and the holster allows for a very fast draw. The G-Code is also very comfortable(due to the form-fitting kydex paddle), and fast to…

take on and off, while remaining totally secure until I decide to remove it. Weapon retention pressure is adjustable via G-Code’s "Pro-Safe Tensioning", which is a patent-pending device that ensures a certain retention level at all times. The G-Code "G-About" page explains all the unique aspects of G-Code holsters. By the way, the mode of carry I’ve chosen for warm South Florida carry is the ol’ behind the right hip, under an open, loose-fitting button-down shirt method, and it’s hands down my favorite carry mode.

I originally received the holster in the closing minutes of Shot Show 2002(in Las Vegas) as everyone was packing up to get out of there. I stopped by the G-Code booth really quickly to say hello. Scott Evans, one of the company executives, handed me their G-Code paddle holster and asked me to try it out, and let him know what I thought. Well, all I can say is, I’ve been going G-Code ever since, and the holster still looks and works like the day I got it, which is great.

The way G-Code holsters are made is particularly interesting. Production holsters are literally reverse-engineered from hand-made prototypes using a proprietary process, and Edge-Works Manufacturing ain’t tellin’. This process results in exact replicas of the original prototypes. Pretty cool.

What’s also pretty cool is who’s making them. All of the guys at Edge-Works Manufacturing appear to be ex-military, and, due to their unique location and military contacts, have access to active military end-users who can evaluate and influence their products on an immediate basis. This is a pretty nice set-up, particularly with regard to their tactical holster line.

Speaking of tactical holsters, the Edge-Works team has recently come out with two new tactical thigh rigs: the REAC Ready Rig and SOC Rig. "SOC" stands for "Special Operations Capable". Just click on the hypertext for each to learn more about them.

From what I’ve heard, Edge-Works Manufacturing has some secret projects in the works, including, supposedly, an even higher-end group of kydex holsters, so DefRev will keep a look-out. In the meantime, if you’d like to call Edge-Works manufacturing for more information about their products or to locate a dealer, you can reach them by phone at 910-455-9834, or email Scott Evans at scott@tacticalholsters.com.


Looking for a Kydex Holster for Tactical Use or CCW? It’s G-Code Time. by

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