Become a U.S. Army Infantry Soldier…Virtually.

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The U.S. Army has been busy spending millions on a new video game that simulates a U.S. Army infantry soldier’s experience, including combat–all in the hopes of increasing…
the number of quality recruits. It’s supposed to have a very high degree of realism, albeit without the blood, sweat, hunger… well, you get the picture. Will it work? Hey, we just report it.

Click here for the story which comes to us from the good people at The story itself is actually syndicated from ABC News., a very cool site by the way, also has a good story on the new "virtual soldier" game. It’s currently on their main page. The story is actually syndicated from

If you prefer to go directly to the story, just click on this link.


Become a U.S. Army Infantry Soldier…Virtually. by

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