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SFCTB Special Forces Liberator Soldier System (LSS) Headset w/Sordin Hearing Pro

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by David Crane
[email protected]

The SFCTB Special Forces Liberator Soldier System (LSS), which incorporates the excellent Sordin Supreme Pro Active-Electronic Hearing Protection/Tactical Shooting Muffs, is an interesting 2-way tactical communications system that’s currently in use with U.S. Armed Forces, specifically U.S. Special Operations forces. It’s put together by Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI), out of Antioch, CA.

According to Tactical Command Industries, the SFCTB Special Forces Liberator Soldier System (LSS) Headset is…

"Compatible with MICH helmet systems and PASGT ballistic helmets…. The Liberator Soldier System Headsets were designed by TCI to meet the needs Special Forces personnel, USAF SOF TACP – Special Operations Forces (Tactical Air Control Party), and USAF ETAC’s.

The exclusive and protected design enables one helmet and one headset to be used during aerial and ground deployments. The LSS functions interoperably with military aviation ICS and field radios. We also offer DUAL-COMM versions, which allow the Liberator to be used with two field radios simultaneously. The Liberator Soldier System Headset provides electronic hearing protection (NNR 20 dB) and a host of other battle-proven attributes that make it a superior communication system.

We have integrated a flexible boom armature, effective noise-canceling microphone, and our legendary TCI Tactical Push-To-Talk (PTT). We can also provide our FireFight ICS/PTT Integration for Gentex Light Vehicle Intercom System (LVIS) for Hummer applications. The Liberator II™ Soldier System will be introduced soon and competently follow the original Liberator™ Soldier System."

Click here to read more about the SFCTB Special Forces Liberator Soldier System (LSS) Headset.

Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI) can be reached at 925-756-7354, or toll free at 888-990-1600. TCI can also be contacted by email at [email protected]. Don Medine is the president of TCI. Price for the Special Forces Liberator Soldier System (LSS) Headset starts at $546.25. The SORDIN Supreme PRO Electronic Hearing Protection unit, by itself, is available from TCI for $225.00.

Television Equipment Associates (TEA) also carries the Sordin Supreme Pro Hearing Protectors/active electronic shooting muffs. Click here to visit their "Tactical Active Hearing Protector" page. Television Equipment Associates (TEA) can be contacted by phone at 310 457- 7401.

Click here to read a very informative thread on tactical (active electronic) hearing protection, including the Sordin unit. It’s from

SFCTB Special Forces Liberator Soldier System (LSS) Headset w/Sordin Hearing Pro by

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