IC Technology M11/X1 Pistol Series ( M11 Standard, M11 Recon, M11 Merc, and X1 Spy): HK P7 Meets M1911 Pistol

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by David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

June 10, 2004
Last updated on 6/22/12.

IC Technology, out of Port Orchard Washington, is making some extremely interesting high-end and high-tech-looking semi-custom pistols. All of them are different versions of the same design (by pistol designer Fred Craig). IC Technology purchased the rights to manufacture and market the design, which is essentially HK P7 meets M1911 pistol.

The guns feature a HK P7-like gas system, striker-fired mechanism, and low bore axis. Actually, the M11's bore axis appears to be even lower than the P7's, which is impressive. They also feature the M1911 pistol's grip safety (as an option) and, from what we can tell, an M1911 pistol-like grip angle. The IC Technology pistol's can also be ordered without the grip safety.

DefRev first found out about these guns when "American Handgunner" published an article about the M11 Merc pistol titled "Gas Gun Extraordinaire: Italian Sports Car Design Meets The Terminator" (written by Roy Huntington) in their April 2004 issue.

IC Technology's M11 Merc was the cover gun.

There are four models, the M11 Standard, M11 Recon, M11 Merc, and X1 Spy. The X1 Spy is the baby of the bunch (it's a subcompact).

From Ichiro Nagata's pictures, the ergonomics on these pistols look good, although DefRev hasn't handled them yet. According to IC Technology, felt-recoil on these pistols is very low, due to the combination of the extremely low bore axis and gas system. Hopefully, they'll prove to be reliable under adverse conditions and high round-counts.

If you'd like to get some info on the M11 family of pistols, including pricing info, you can contact IC Technology at 360-710-5115 (ask for Bill Taylor), or via email at icinfo@ictechnology.com.

IC Technology M11/X1 Pistol Series ( M11 Standard, M11 Recon, M11 Merc, and X1 Spy): HK P7 Meets M1911 Pistol by

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