Dueck Defense RBU (Red Dot Back-Up) Drop-In Mini Red Dot Sight Combat Optic Universal Mount (Mounting System) for Combat/Tactical Pistols! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

July 22, 2016

While DefenseReview (DR) was checking out a couple of SureFire’s latest and greatest combat/tactical goodies at SOFIC 2016 (see here and here), we also got a quick look at the Dueck Defense RBU (Red Dot Back-Up) drop-in mini red dot sight combat optic universal mount (mounting system) for combat/tactical pistols. It’s a great idea, especially if it can handle military SOF (Special Operations Forces)-level adverse combat conditions–and according to Dueck, it can.

DR contacted Dueck to glean more information about the RBU’s stability/durability and sight-height aspects, and he replied with the following:


I designed the RBU specifically for operational use. It is solid. I’ve found no durability issues with the RBU. It is CNC machined from barstock to very tight tolerances. The dovetail is designed for a firm press fit into the slide dovetail. For additional security, I have set screws double locking the RBU in place. The entire RBU is treated with Black Nitride, giving it a hard rust and wear resistant surface finish.

The RBU height is optimal to clear suppressors, so they are not blocking your field of view. With red dot sights low mounted into the slide, the back of the suppressor is in the bottom of your field of view. With the RBU, the suppressor is just outside the field of view. The difference in height from machined into the slide or the RBU is only [3/10’s] of an inch.

The reason I built the iron sights into the base was first as reference sights to find the dot after the not so perfect draw that happens occasionally. The second reason was as backup iron sights.

Here is the link to the abuse video I referenced from tactically practical:


AND, since the Dueck Defense RBU combat optic mount is drop-in and universal, you can upgrade your pistol with latest and greatest mini red dot sights as they come out. You’re not relegated to old, obsolete combat optic hardware.

Defense Review would very much like to obtain an RBU for T&E and review as soon as possible, but we like what we’ve seen so far.

Editor’s Note: Notice the SureFire XC1 LED Handgun WeaponLight on the Glock 19 (G19) pistol pictured. We plan on doing a piece on that product soon.

Company Contact Info:

Dueck Defense
Customer Service/Dealer and Custom Orders: 714.917.7178
OFFICE: 714.349.9638
EMAIL: info@dueckdefense.com
Website: https://dueckdefense.com

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Dueck Defense RBU (Red Dot Back-Up) Drop-In Mini Red Dot Sight Combat Optic Universal Mount (Mounting System) for Combat/Tactical Pistols! (Video!) by

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