Diamondhead USA Auto-Ranger Front Sight: Auto-Ranging and Bullet-Drop-Compensating Flip-Up Front Sight/BUIS for Tactical AR-15 Rifle/Carbine/SBRs

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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September 6, 2012

While we're on the subject of Diamonhead USA flip sights/BUIS (Back-Up Iron Sights), we should also mention the Diamondhead "Auto-Ranger" Front Sight, which is an auto-ranging flip-up front sight, which is part of Diamondhead's premium sight series for tactical AR (AR-15) rifle/carbine/SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)/sub-carbines. The Diamonhead Auto-Ranger front sight is a MILSPEC-height sight and will co-witness with any standard/MILSPEC rear sight. It features the company's proprietary diamond aperture.

The Diamondhead Auto-Ranger Front Sight/BUIS deploys and locks-up like Diamondhead's other premium sights. The first setting is 0-200 yards and emulates a MILSPEC A2-sized post, which "correlates with a 6-foot person at 200 yards." Rotating the post to 300 yards correlates with a 6" person at 300 yards and "automatically compensates for bullet drop at that distance." Finally, you can rotate the post to 600 yards will again correlate to a 6" target and automatically compensate for bullet drop at that respective distance.

So, the Diamondhead Auto-Ranger Front Sight flip-up BUIS is both auto-ranging and bullet-drop-compensating at each distance. Pretty cool.

Additional DR Videos on Diamondhead USA products:

Company Contact Info:

Diamondhead USA, Inc.
44 Allston Avenue
West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Phone: 413-739-6970
Fax: 413-739-6973
E-Mail: Sales@Diamondhead-USA.com
Website: http://www.diamondhead-usa.com

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Diamondhead USA Auto-Ranger Front Sight: Auto-Ranging and Bullet-Drop-Compensating Flip-Up Front Sight/BUIS for Tactical AR-15 Rifle/Carbine/SBRs by

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