Crimson Trace Introduces New G-Series Lasergrips for Glock Pistols at IACP 2005

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by David Crane
[email protected]

All photos contained in this article were taken by, and are the exclusive property of,  Click on the photos below to view them full-size. 

Crimson Trace Corporation (CTC)
has just introduced a new laser targeting system for Glock pistols called the G-Series Lasergrips. CTC bills the new G-Series Lasergrips as "the first user-installed Glock laser system that meets Crimson Trace’s strict standards for performance." Once installed, the G-Series Lasergrips daylight targeting laser is instantly activated via a backstrap-situated activation button/pressure switch. Easily installed in seconds (installation procedure described below), the G-Series Lasergrips are durable, user-adjustable, are fully compatible with tactical white-light systems, feature extended battery life.

DefenseReview got a chance to view, handle, and photograph the Crimson Trace G-Series Lasergrips at IACP Miami 2005, thanks to Jason DuVal, Crimson Trace’s Military/Law Enforcement Marketing Manager.  Mr. DuVal was extremely helpful to Defense Review at the booth.  He was also very enthusiastic about the G-Series Lasergrips.  The unit we handled was…

installed on a Glock 19/Glock 23 (G19/G23)-sized Glock pistol. Since I carry a Glock 19 (G19), the G-Series Lasergrips are of particular interest to me.


The G-Series Lasergip laser sight system widens the grip (increases the grip size) a little bit, but is very comfortable due to the unit’s smooth, ergonomic aspect.  Gripping is still secure.  Anyone with average-sized hands or larger should be able to handle the increased grip circumferance/surface area without any problem. We don’t know how the slightly added girth will effect people with small hands. The Lasergrip unit also heightens the bore axis, slightly, as well. In other words, it makes the bore sit slightly higher over the hand, due to the thickness of the tang portion over the hand that sits under the Glock’s tang.

Defense Review didn’t have the opportunity to fire the G-Series Lasergrip-equipped Glock at IACP, and we haven’t yet received a sample unit for evaluation. So, we don’t yet know how the unit effects the normal targeting (targeting using the standard "iron" sights) and firing experience, considering the slightly increased grip circumferance/surface area and slightly higher bore axis. The rear-situated activation button/switch on the backstrap area of the unit seemed to engage positively when the pistol was gripped, but we would have to test it on the range to be sure that it positively engages for every single shot. Positive activation button engagement under all circumstances for all different types/sizes of hands and tactical shooting holds/techniques is of crucial importance. When shooting two-handed, I personally shoot modern isosceles stance (IPSC style with thumb over thumb, thumbs pointing forward) and use a high hold on the gun with the web of my hand pressed up firmly against the underside of the weapon’s grip tang.  Upon activation, the G-Series Lasergrips produce a very bright, and thus very visible, red dot, even in a bright room.  We didn’t get the chance to test the laser for visibility in bright sunlight at the show, so we can’t comment on that yet. 

If/when we receive a sample/test unit and run it, we’ll publish the results in a follow-up article.  In the meantime, we have to say that the new CTC G-Series Lasergrips are interesting.  The unit we played with at the Crimson Trace booth at IACP 2005 Miami was pretty trick, actually.

Technical Specifications:
Beam Intensity – 5mw peak, 633nm, class IIIa laser. Maximum output that federal law and technology allow.
Dot Size – Approximately 0.5" diameter at 50 feet.
Power Source – Two #2032 lithium batteries (included); over four hours of on-time use and a five year shelf life.

Glock Models and Availalability:
Glock 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, 37
LG-617 User-Installed – Available December 12
Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38
LG-619 User-Installed – Available January
Glock 26, 27, 28, 33, 39
LG-626 User-Installed – Available January
Glock 29, 30
LG-629 User-Installed – Available January

The following are photos of the G-Series Lasergrips in activated mode (from IACP Miami 2005). The photos were shot by the author while holding and aiming the pistol so the viewer can see the device in action.  Notice the very bright red dot in daylight conditions (Click on the photos to view them full-size). 

The following photos feature Crimson Trace’s Mil/LE Marketing Manager Jason DuVal and Tracey Folds at the Crimson Trace booth at IACP Miami 2005.  Various models of Lasergrips (for pistols) are visible on the table, including a left-rear view of the G-Series Lasergrips (located on grip of pistol touching Mr. DuVal’s right wrist.  Clicking on the photo directly below will allow you to see a larger view):

If you’d like to get more info on the new G-Series Lasergrip laser sighting system for Glock pistols, you can contact Crimson Trace Corporation (CTC) by phone toll-free at 800-442-2406, by fax at 503-627-0166, or by email at [email protected]. Crimson Trace Corporation is located in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Crimson Trace Introduces New G-Series Lasergrips for Glock Pistols at IACP 2005 by

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