Crimson Trace Introduces LG-401/404 4th Generation Lasergrips for 1911 Pistols.

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by David Crane

Crimson Trace has just come out with their 4th Generation Lasergrips for the 1911 pistol. If you own a 1911 pistol (Government Model or Commander), and are thinking about outfitting it with a laser sight, you definitely want to check this product out. DefRev hasn’t tested them yet, but they look pretty trick. The following info on the new comes from Crimson Trace’s company literature on the new Crimson Trace LG-401(Government Model/LG-404(Commander) 1911 Lasergrips:…

"Crimson Trace is proud to announce its latest technological advance: 4th Generation Lasergrips for the 1911. The most dramatic improvement is the new frontstrap activation for total control of the laser, no matter how the shooter grips the pistol. Details of the introduction were made today by Adam Wollander, Vice-President of Marketing for Crimson Trace.

‘The 1911 is America’s combat pistol, so it was a natural to apply our latest technology here.” said Wollander “The improvements that we’ve made to our 1911 grip were the direct result of customer feedback.’

In addition to more positive activation, the relocated activation allows shooter to get a positive hold on frontstrap checkering. The other major change is the addition of a relief cut to allow the mainspring retaining pin to be removed without taking the grips off.

The 4th Generation 1911 Lasergrip, called the LG-401, has passed extensive durability testing. To prove their ruggedness, samples grips went through a 3000 round durability cycle. During the shooting, the Lasergrips were further abused, by subjecting them to extreme heat and cold cycles. The result was no visible wear and no shift in point-of-aim.

The LG-401 and its companion for Officer’s sized pistols, the LG-404, are slated to be available in Spring of ’04. Theses new Lasergrip is proving itself so desirable that it will be replacing the older 1911 grips, the LG-301 and LG-304.

Lasergrips are manufactured in Beaverton, Oregon. Crimson Trace’s ever-expanding line of laser aiming devices is widely used by police agencies and militaries around the globe, as well as by responsible armed citizens."

You can contact Crimson Trace at 800-442-2406, or via email at

Crimson Trace Introduces LG-401/404 4th Generation Lasergrips for 1911 Pistols. by

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