Raphael Skylite B Mini-UAV for Tactical Reconnaissance and Surveillance Ops

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The following is a Raphael press release:

RAFAEL PRESENTS SKYLITE B – A NEW MINI-UAV for Tactical Reconnaissance and Surveillance Operations by Military Special Operations (SPECOPS)

November 21, 2005 – RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd conducted a demonstration of its new tactical mini-UAV, SkyLite B, for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) today.

The new UAV is part of the SkyLite family of mini-UAVs that gather intelligence for field and Special Forces using an electro-optic sensor. This family includes the SkyLite A, a canister-launched mini-UAV, and the SkyLite B mini-UAV, which is man-portable and enables long periods of reconnaissance and surveillance. Both mini-UAVs utilize an electro-optic payload that is stabilized and outfitted with gimbals.

The SkyLite B is mainly intended for use by infantry forces deployed up to battalion level and is capable of…

staying aloft for more than one-and-a-half hours and handles weather changes well.

A major innovation of the new mini-UAV is its immediate reusability, which is enabled by landing the vehicle with a parachute and air bag and launching it using a catapult. In addition, the SkyLite B is characterized by simple operation of advanced command modes from a ground station.

The SkyLite B system was especially designed to provide a solution for gathering intelligence in a variety of complex mission scenarios such as continuous tracking of a static target, surveillance of a crowded urban area, scanning an axis, accompanying a combat force, tracking personnel and vehicles, as well as directing a combat force to its target.

During the demonstration, the IDF was shown the new mini-UAV’s capabilities to provide real-time quality intelligence to a deployed infantry unit, and its potential to deal with various mission scenarios, such as on-going urban security, as well as scenarios occurring in traditional warfare situations. This was achieved within the required data flow, accuracy and picture quality ranges. The demonstration was carried out successfully in harsh weather conditions consisting of rain and strong winds.

The system design was based on several main parameters that mini-UAV systems require to handle complex flight scenarios during field use. These include tracking personnel and vehicles, capability of tracking stationary and mobile targets, very quick return-to-flight readiness in the field and simple operation.

RAFAEL’s new mini-UAVs will be marketed in the USA by Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR) and CATS (Cubic Advanced Tactical Systems), a joint venture between RAFAEL and the Cubic Corporation.


RAFAEL designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of advanced defense systems. These leading edge products include naval, air and ground precision weapons, electro-optic systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems, acoustic defense systems, armored protection and training systems.

Raphael Contacts:

Mr. Amit Zimmer, RAFAEL Spokesman
Tel: +972-52-889-0425 – amitz@rafael.co.il

Mrs. Gila Harel – RAFAEL, Marketing Communications
Tel: +972-4-879-1244 – gilah@rafael.co.il

Raphael Skylite B Mini-UAV for Tactical Reconnaissance and Surveillance Ops by

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