Under Development: P2000 Subcompact Pistol by Heckler & Koch (HK)

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by David Crane

Well, the rumors are true, the Heckler & Koch (HK) P2000 SK Subcompact pistol indeed exists. The P2000SK Subcompact is an even smaller, more concealable version of the standard HK P2000 pistol, which is similar in size to the Glock compacts (G19, G23, and G32).

The full size/standard HK P2000 is essentially an evolutionary progression of the USP compact. The P2000 has smoother lines and slightly modified and extra features, but its operation appears to be identical. The HK P2000 SK Subcompact is obviously intended to…

go head-to-head against the Glock subcompacts (G26, G27, and G33).

Magazine capacity for the P2000 Subcompact is 10 rounds. Like its big brother, the HK P2000 Subcompact has replaceable backstraps for different size hands. The standard P2000 magazine can be used in the P2000 Subcompact.
It’s kind of funny–the full-size HK P2000 pistol hasn’t even come out yet, and HKPro.com and Hackbuteer.com(forums) already have hi-res digital pics and info on the P2000 Subcompact prototype. Since Hackbuteer.com is an Asian site, you wont be able to read the text, but the pics are very good.

One quick note: if I were to purchase a P2000 subcompact, I would seriously consider installing a Crimson Trace laser on it, just as I would if I were to obtain one of the baby Glocks (G26, G27, or G33). Noted former NYPD Detective and reknowned gunfighter Jim Cirillo deserves proper credit for turning me on to the idea, as he employs a Crimson Trace unit on his carry Glock 27 (G27) .40. Jim demonstrated the advantages of a Crimson Trace laser at a "Surgical Speed Shooting" class that both he and I attended that was given by tactical shooting instructor Andy Stanford of OPS (Options for Personal Security). The author highly recommends this class for anyone who wants to become a better tactical shooter.

Click here to visit the HK P2000 Subcompact page at HKPro.com, and see some great pics of the P2000 Sub-Compact prototype.

Click on this link
to see some really cool pics of what appears to be the German version of the standard HK P2000 pistol on the Hackbuteer.com forums. There are also a few pics of the P2000 Subcompact that appear to have been lifted from HKPro.com.

Under Development: P2000 Subcompact Pistol by Heckler & Koch (HK) by

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