Thursday, September 21, 2023

Corner Shot Action Video! Israeli Commando CQB/Urban Warfare Tactics.

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by David Crane
[email protected]

First, DefRev published this story, titled Corner Shot. ‘Cause You Never Know What’s Waiting for You Around the Corner.". We like to think that’s a pretty good story. Then, we followed that up with an addendum that contained fairly high-res pics of the Corner Shot brochure (complete).

Now, there’s exciting professional video footage of the CornerShot being demonstrated by what appear to be IDF (Israeli Defense Force) Special Operations personnel during CQB (Close Quarters Battle)/Urban Warfare simulations. To view the video…

Click On This Link.

We think you’ll be glad you did. This Corner Shot video is the most extensive video we’ve seen to date on this weapon system. When you click one of the two previous links, you’ll get to see the Corner Shot in action during a boat interdiction/takedown, an aircraft interdiction/takedown, a bus interdiction/takedown, a building sweep, and more.

You’ll also get to see the CornerShot being rapid-reloaded (with a Glock pistol attached, in this case). I particularly enjoyed the footage of the Corner Shot outfitted with a Glock (9mm) pistol loaded with a 33-round Glock 18 mag. Pretty cool. Oh, and you’ll really get a kick out of the camels, donkeys, and one very hyper dog (don’t worry, he lives) towards the end of the video. Just a lot lot of great CQB/Urban Warfare footage, here. It’s a pretty slick video–high quality and professionally produced. It’s also quite lengthy.

And, if you click here, you can see the Corner Shot’s inventor/developer, Amos Golan, explaining and demonstrating the Corner Shot during a "Fox News" interview. This video clip also contains Israeli Special Operations CQB/tactical footage. Again, this is a "Fox News" video clip.

Click here to go to Corner Shot’s website. You can contact CornerShot’s U.S. office at 305-442-6322, or via email at [email protected]. Corner Shot USA is located at 201 Alhambra Circle, Suite 801, Coral Gables, Florida 33134. Corner Shot’s press contact, Tally Elhyani, can be contacted via email at [email protected].

CornerShot R&D in Israel can be contacted at 972–3–6326116. Email is [email protected].

If you’d prefer to watch the Corner Shot videos on the company’s website, you’ll find them here.

Corner Shot Action Video! Israeli Commando CQB/Urban Warfare Tactics. by

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