Combined Tactical Systems, Inc. (CTS) 7290M Mini-Flash-Bang/Tactical Grenade

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by David Crane
defrev at gmail dot com

May 11, 2004

Combined Tactical Systems, Inc. (CTS) is currently developing a mini-flash-bang (mini-tactical grenade) called the 7290M. The 7290M will be roughly half the size of their standard 7290 flash-bang/tactical grenade, but it will deliver the same amount of sound and flash (candela output). Pretty impressive. The standard 7290 flash bang is 6" high and weighs 550 grams. It puts out 175 db @ 5 feet and 6-8 million candela for 8.5 milliseconds. The 7290 has 10 flash ports on top, and 10 at the base.

DefRev got a chance to handle a prototype CTS 7290M mini-flash-bang/tactical grenade recently at TREXPO West. It’s a compact, handy little item. DefRev doesn’t yet have

weight specs on the 7290M flash bang. Since it’s half the size of the standard 7290, we’re guessing it’s going to be around half the weight as well, but this unconfirmed. We’ll try to get a precise weight figure soon.

DefRev also doesn’t yet know when the CTS 7290M mini-flash-bang/tactical grenade will enter production. It’s currently still in the prototype stage. That said, based on our conversation with a CTS company official, it’s our understanding that the CTS 7290M mini-flash-bang is actually in the advanced prototype stage, and fairly close to production. That was the vibe we got over the phone, but this is also unconfirmed. We’ll keep you posted, as things develope.

Military Special Operations units and LE SWAT teams interested in acquiring the 7290M mini-flash-bang when it becomes available should contact Don Brinton at Combined Tactical Systems, Inc. (CTS) at 724-932-2177, or via email at [email protected].

Click here to view the product specification sheet on the Combined Tactical Systems, Inc. (CTS) 7290 flash-bang/tactical grenade (standard).

Combined Tactical Systems, Inc. (CTS) 7290M Mini-Flash-Bang/Tactical Grenade by

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