X-TRA KEY Dynamic Forced-Entry Tool for LE SWAT and Military Spec-Ops

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by David Crane

Contact info for X-TRA KEY has been updated. (5/13/04)

The next time you absolutely positively have to rip a door off its hinges, you might want to bring this little bad boy along. It’s called the X-TRA KEY, and it comes to DefRev highly recommended by one of our federal law enforcement contacts.

The X-TRA KEY is a patented forced-entry tool that can be used to open inward and outward swinging metal and wood doors in about the same time it takes to read this sentence (depending on how fast one reads, of course). Whatever, it’s fast. According to the company, "multiple dead bolts and chains are no obstacle for the X-TRA KEY."

For doors that open inward, the X-TRA KEY utilizes a…

ram head. If the door opens inward, just drop the ram head, pierce the door with the sharp point, pivot/drop the pivot bar (which makes contact with the inside of the door), and use the kinetic energy in the slide hammer to rip open the door. It’s that easy. No muss, no fuss. Average opening time is less than 4 seconds.

The X-TRA KEY only has three moving parts. Weight with the ram head attached is 28 lbs.

Military Special Operations and LE SWAT units interested in acquiring an X-TRA KEY for entry work should contact Brad Rockwood at 877-XTRAKEY (877-987-2539), or via email at brad@focusten.com.

Click here to visit the X-TRA KEY website.

To download the X-TRA KEY video clips below, just click on the hypertext links:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

X-TRA KEY Dynamic Forced-Entry Tool for LE SWAT and Military Spec-Ops by

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