Future Force Warrior (FFW): Future U.S. Infantryman

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Future Force Warrior (FFW) is currently being developed at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center (NSC).

According to the NSC website, "Future Force Warrior (FFW) is the Army’s flagship Science and Technology initiative to develop and demonstrate revolutionary capabilities for Future Force soldier systems. An integrated system of systems approach is being employed to support the Army transformation to a soldier-centric force. The Future Force Warrior is a major pillar of the Future Force strategy, complementing the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program.

FFW notional concepts seek to create a lightweight, overwhelmingly lethal, fully…

integrated individual combat system, including weapon, head-to-toe individual protection, netted communications, soldier worn power sources, and enhanced human performance. The program is aimed at providing unsurpassed individual & squad lethality, survivability, communications, and responsiveness — a formidable warrior in an invincible team. FFW will also be developed to be fully integrated with FCS."

The NSC website goes on to describe the various component technology and capability "visions" of Future Force Warrior (FFW), which are:

"Lethality Vision: FFW family of lightweight weapons with advanced fire control, optimized for urban combat, and synchronized direct and indirect fires from Future Combat System.

Survivability Vision: Ultra-Lightweight, Low Bulk, Multi-Functional, Full Spectrum Protective Combat Ensemble.

Sensors & Communications (C4ISR) Vision: Netted FFW small unit/teams with robust team communications, state-of-the-art distributed and fused sensors, organic tactical intelligence collection assets, enhanced situational understanding, embedded training, on-the-move planning, and linkage to other force assets.

Power Vision: 72-hour continuous autonomous team operations, high density, low weight/volume, self-generating/re-generating, reliable, safe power source/system.

Mobility Sustainability and Human Performance: Unconstrained vertical and lateral movement at full up combat/assault capability during mission execution. Optimized cognitive and physical fightability, on-board physiological/medical sensor suite with enhanced prompt casualty care."

Click here to visit the the Future Force Warrior (FFW) homepage on the NSC website.

Click on this link to view a tri-fold document on Future Force Warrior (FFW). This is a PDF document.

If you’d like to read about the "Individual Protection" aspects of FFW, click here. This is also a PDF.

Future Force Warrior (FFW): Future U.S. Infantryman by

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