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Cobra Boom-Arm Tactical Communications Headset for Special Operations

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by David Crane
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The good folks at Television Equipment Associates, Inc. (TEA) ( are now marketing the Modular “Cobra” Boom-Arm Tactical Headset System a.k.a. “Modular Cobra System”. Basically, the Cobra is a mission-configurable, lightweight, low-profile, and waterproof tactical communications headset (a.k.a. tactical comms headset) that’s also reportedly very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It’s designed to be either head-worn or helmet-worn and to hold up under adverse military combat conditions, so it must be highly durable, as well.

Based on the information DefenseReview has so far on the unit, the Cobra Boom-Arm Headset appears to be ideally suited for…

military Special Operations (SpecOps) personnel, PSD/Security Operations, and law enforcement SWAT operations (a.k.a. LE tactical ops). The fact that it’s water-proof means that the Cobra can be used by waterborne Special Operations units like the U.S. Navy SEALs for waterborne missions.

The Modular Cobra Tactical Headset consists of a small housing into which the microphone boom arm, earpiece, and down-lead are assembled/connected. The microphone and earphone are mounted on flexible arms for full, easy adjustment. The boom arm-mounted microphone itself is low mass and noise-cancelling, and can be had in either dynamic or electret versions. Of course, the Cobra comes with the requisite Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, required for any tactical Mil/LE headset or tactical comms, these days.

The Cobra’s extremely low-profile design means that the operator can use it with close-fitting ballistic infantry helmets, Special Operations tactical helmets, tactical balaclavas, chem/bio hoods, etc.

As tactical headsets go, the Cobra looks like a pretty good one on paper, but we haven’t T&E’d it, yet. If we get the opportunity to do so, we’ll publish a follow-up report.

The following quoted information on the Modular Cobra Headset was provided to us by TEA as a short, succinct press release on the product:

"The Cobra earphone and noise canceling microphone are mounted on flexible boom arms which can be rotated so that Cobra headsets can be instantly configured to accommodates both left side or right side users.

Cobra has a new method of attaching the headset to the user – it quickly converts between elastic head straps, headbands or helmet clips to suite the personal preferences of each user.

This very lightweight headset cable can be attached to a variety of Press-To-Talk (PTT) switches as well as dual output PTTs for applications where one person operates two radios.

Alternatively, palm and finger operated switches are available using an ingenious T-piece connector system which is unique to Cobra . Cobras can be supplied for any popular radio.

Cobra does not obstruct peripheral hearing. The earphone is positioned in space slightly away from the user’s ear and its location easily accommodates changes in ambient sound."

Company Contact Info:

Bill Pegler
Television Equipment Associates, Inc. (TEA)
Phone: 310-457-7401
Fax: 310-457-0023
Email: [email protected]

TEA Modular Cobra Boom-Arm Tactical Headset Fact Sheet/Brochure (PDF Format)

The following quoted information comes directly from the TEA website (

"The ‘COBRA’ boom-arm headset is mission configurable.

The modular Cobra can be quickly configured for use with a sweat-band, head-band or helmet clip…no tools needed. Both mic and speaker are supplied on flexible arms – it’s low profile accommodates the most close-fitting helmets. Select either single or dual radio PTTs. Configurable as a handset.

• Modular system
• Mission configurable Lightweight
• Excellent speech quality
• Rugged, low profile headset
• Waterproof
• Excellent long term comfort

The lightweight, low profile COBRA headset consists of a central housing unit supporting a microphone and earphone, each mounted on independent flexible arms for optimum adjustment.

The microphone is noise cancelling and can be either electret or dynamic type. The headsets downlead is terminated in a snap-fit connector."


"PSD" stands for "Personal Security Detail" or "Personal Security Detachment", operations which are conducted frequently by Private Security Company/Private Military Company (PSC/PMC) Security Operators in Iraq and "Stan" (Afghanistan).

Note: Private Security Companies a.k.a. Private Military Companies have taken over a lot of this type of work, which was previously conducted by military Special Operations personnel.

Cobra Boom-Arm Tactical Communications Headset for Special Operations by

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