CamelBak Impact CT Tactical Gloves for Tactical Operators and Shooters (Review)

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by David Crane
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With the acquisition of Southwest Motorsports Enterprises, Inc. in February 2006, CamelBak Products, LLC managed to firmly entrench themselves in the tactical glove (a.k.a. tactical assault glove a.k.a. tactical shooting glove) market in one fell swoop. With companies like Hatch, Damascus, Blackhawk Products Group, 5.11 Tactical Series, Wiley-X, and CamelBak all manufacturing products for this particular tactical clothing/gear niche, the consumer has a pretty wide assortment from which to choose–and that’s a good thing.

DefenseReview received a pair of CamelBak Impact CT tactical gloves (MSRP $39.95 USD) awhile back and we’ve been using them for the past few months at the range while shooting on the move and while practicing weapons-handling drills with both SOPMOD M4/M4A1 Carbine-config AR-15 carbine and Glock 19 pistol (a.k.a. G19 pistol). The gloves are comfortable, especially while shooting, due to the…

anti-vibration padding on the palms. And, we didn’t have to cut the index finger pad section off the gloves for shooting or weapon-handling drills. At $40.00 a pair, they’re also reasonably priced. After our experience with the Impact CT gloves, we’d really like to try out the CamelBak Hi-Tec Impact II CT tactical gloves (MSRP $49.95 USD) ASAP.

Now that it’s getting colder out, it might also be a good idea to test CamelBak’s Cold Weather Gloves, which are wind and water resistant. We’re curious to see how these gloves affect weapons handling, since they must be thicker.

Now, we haven’t yet tested the Impact CT gloves in adverse conditions (simulated combat conditions). So far, we’ve only used the guns in sunny, warm-weather conditions. We’re interested to see how the gloves handle getting wet. While I was taking the IMS Advanced Israeli Anti-Terrorist SWAT School (taught by IMS Security, Inc.) on the FBI range at Camp Bonneville, WA, it was raining constantly, so everything got soaked, including my Hatch Operator gloves. They didn’t take it well, and bled all over my hands, turning them purple (color dye ran), which was really annoying. Based on the materials used in the CamelBak Impact CT gloves, I don’t think they’ll bleed like the Hatch gloves, but I just don’t know yet.

I’ll let you know.

Company Contact Info:

CamelBak Products, LLC
1310 Redwood Way, Suite C
Petaluma, CA 94954
Tel.: 800-767-8725, 707-792-9700
Fax: 707-665-9231

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CamelBak Impact CT Tactical Gloves for Tactical Operators and Shooters (Review) by

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