Update: AAE IR/NV-Stealth and Visibility-Stealth Cloaking Technology

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by David Crane
david at defensereview.com

On November 27, 2006, DefenseReview published a piece about Advanced American Enterprises’ (AAE) claims that their IR-Stealth 4.B thermal/IR/NV adaptive camouflage could have saved Israeli warfighters’ lives during their fight with Hezbollah guerillas in Lebanon several months ago. That article also discussed AAE’s Visibility Stealth 1.B optical camouflage, which the company claims would make the wearer virtually invisible in the visible light spectrum (a.k.a. daylight or normal light invisibility).

Well, Defense Review just received AAE’s latest fact sheet on their IR-Stealth for Personnel 4.C tactical camouflage product (titled "IR-Stealth for Personnel 4.C Israel-Hezbollah"), along with photos. The document highlights the fact that the Israeli army was not able to "own the night" in it’s battle against Hezbollah guerrillas because it did not have a technology like AAE IR-Stealth to prevent their vehicles (Merkava MBTs, for example) and warfighters from being targeted by Hizbollah guerrillas using "British-made" night vision equipment. AAE claims that…

an IR-Stealth for Personnel 4.C-equiped "head-to-toe" coverall (or military BDU) would reduce thermal/infrared (IR) and night vision detection by more than 85%, thereby shielding the wearer from being seen/targeted by enemy combatatants using night vision equipment (a.k.a. night vision sensors a.k.a. night vision viewers) or thermal/IR (infrared) viewers/sensors. The IR-Stealth device for the coverall would weigh approx. 250 grams. The document points out that the coverall would have no negative effect on the warfighters functionality or capability to fight or operate.

The IR-StealthNight vision equipment reportedly enabled Hizbollah guerrillas to target and kill 2 Israeli commandos (out of 4) near Baalback, Lebanon.
"IR Stealth for Personnel 4.C Israel-Hezbullah: Both Israel & Hezbullah have night vision equipment, but neither one "owns the night" against the other. The is because because. unless having AAE head-to-toe pocket-size about 250 Gram IR stealth cloth-coverall to shield the fighters or commandoes from night viewers detection & from IR designators.

AAE claims it has also successfully developed Daytime "Visibility-Stealth" optical camouflage (a.k.a. electro-optical camouflage a.k.a. adaptive camouflage a.k.a. active camouflage a.k.a. chameleonic camouflage a.k.a. cloaking technology a.k.a. "invisibility cloak") tactical camouflage solution for personnel and vehicles that would make whatever object it covers virtually invisible in the visible light spectrum (daylight/normal light). Specifically, visibility reduction would be more than 85% for the cloaked object (moving or stationary). The personnel version (for coverall/BDU) of this device would weigh 250 grams, and would incorporate both an On/Off switch and self-destruct switch. The vehicle-version device (for Main Battle Tanks, Stryker Infantry Fighting Vehicle, M113, HMMWV/Humvee, etc.) would weigh approx. 150 KG.

AAE will perform live field demonstrations of both tactical camouflage technologies (IR/NV Stealth and Visibility-Stealth) for interested vetted parties. A proposed Visibility Stealth live demo would consist of person in a bunker rising and shooting blanks at observers from 20+ feet away without being seen/detected by the observers or video equipment (camcorder, for instance).

DefenseReview looks forward to attending a demonstration of the technology soon. We’re also going to try to obtain some high-resolution video of this type of demo, and publish it. Until we see AAE’s cloaking tech for ourselves, we of course must remain skeptical.

AAE IR-Stealth for Personnel 4.C Fact Sheet:

Right-Click on the two links immediately below and then click on "Save Target As" (Microsoft Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Mozilla Firefox) to download and view AAE documents on both optical/adaptive camo technologies:

IR-Stealth for Personnel 4.C Israel-Hezbollah

Company Contact Info:

If you’d like to learn more about the Stealth Technology System (STS), or Stealth III specifically, you can contact Advanced American Enterprises (AAE) by phone at 714-287-0490, by fax at 714-870-6385, or by email at [email protected].

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Update: AAE IR/NV-Stealth and Visibility-Stealth Cloaking Technology by

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