Thursday, September 16, 2021

Pistol Stabilizing Braces

CAA Gen-2 Micro Conversion Kit (MCK 2.0): Carbine Conversion Kit for for Glock Pistols Gets EIGHT Upgrades! (Video!)

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com February 10, 2021 DefenseReview published a piece on CAA’s interesting Micro Conversion Kit (MCK) carbine conversion kit for Glock pistols after Mikey Hartman took us through it at SHOT Show 2019. Well, CAA now has a Gen-2 MCK, or MCK 2.0 that looks pretty good, so we figured we’d cover it as …

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SB Tactical’s Latest and Greatest Pistol Stabilizing Braces/Arm Braces for Controlling Combat/Tactical Firearms Better: Meet the TAC13-SBA4, TF1913, and FS1913A (Aluminum)! (Video!)

by David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com August 10, 2020 SB Tactical has some interesting new tactical pistol stabilizing braces/arm braces, and DefenseReview (DR) got to see them at SHOT Show 2020. SB Tactical rep Derrick Rachier was kind enough to take DR through the particulars of the new products, starting with the SB Tactical TAC13-SBA4 tactical pistol stabilizing …

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