Burning Bullets: Bunker-Busting Shells to Wreak Havoc on the Enemy

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The following comes from NewScientist.com:

  • 15:41 06 September 2005
  • NewScientist.com news service
  • Barry Fox

    Burning bullets
    A bunker-busting shell that gets so hot on impact that it burns its way through concrete and steel is being developed by the US Navy’s Warfare Center in Virginia.

    The shell contains a mixture of aluminium polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and perchlorate oxydiser, moulded together into an aerodynamic shape. To prevent the mixture from disintegrating as it travels through air at high velocity the shell is…

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Burning Bullets: Bunker-Busting Shells to Wreak Havoc on the Enemy by

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