Auto Assault-12 Full-Auto Shotgun Gets Urban Camouflage Treatment (Pic)

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by David Crane
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DefenseReview has a little snack-size treat for all of the fans (like us) of the Auto Assault-12 Full-Auto Shotgun (AA-12 Shotgun).  It’s a photo of the weapon system and 20-shot drum mag (magazine). Both are outfitted with urban camouflage (urban camo) finish. The Grip Pod System vertical foregrip/bipod and Surefire M900-series vertical foregrip/tactical white light, both in dark earth finish, are also on display in the photo.

The finish on the AA12 Shotgun in the photo is a custom finish. We’ll try to find out who applied it.

Click on the photo below to view it full-size:…


If you’d like to get more information on the Auto Assault-12 Full-Auto Shotgun (a.k.a. AA-12 Full-Auto Shotgun, a.k.a. AA12 Full-Auto Shotgun) or the new AA-12 CQB (Close Quarters Battle) model, you can contact Military Police Systems (MPS, Inc.) by phone at 423-534-2480. Call for pricing, and ask for Jerry Baber. MPS, Inc. is located in Piney Flats, Tennessee.
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Auto Assault-12 Full-Auto Shotgun Gets Urban Camouflage Treatment (Pic) by

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