Accu-Stack Comb Riser Helps You Keep it Up During Hard-Core Sniping Operations Deep Inside Enemy Lines: Thank You Major Fox! (Fun Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

March 17, 2011

Sorry for the double entendre article title, but Victor Company USA, the company that made the video ad below, started it, and then kept it up (I couldn’t resist) during the whole ad. In fact, the whole Accu-Stack Comb Riser video ad is one giant double entendre, and it actually works. We really got a rise out of it (sorry, I know). It’s creative, entertaining, and actually manages to make something as boring as a stackable high-impact-polymer spacer (that’s what the Accu-Stack Comb Riser is) interesting, and, dare we say, sexy?

O.k., that’s probably going too far, but any comb riser video ad that can keep your attention all the way through has to be pretty good. Let’s face it, a stackable comb riser is definitely not one of the coolest or sexiest parts on a gun, even if it does provide for a superior and more secure cheekweld. That is, until now! O.k., it’s still not, but the boys at Victor Company–and it has to be a bunch of guys behind this thing–gave it their best shot. Here’s the result:

Accu-Stack Comb Risers = tactical/sniper rifle Viagra. Hmh. We like it (enough to write about it).

The Accu-Stack Stackable Comb Riser is designed expressly for Accuracy International (AI) tactical/sniper rifles (and anti-materiel rifles) like the AI Arctic Warfare Super Magnum (AWSM) series anti-materiel/sniper rifles and AI AE MKII sniper rifle, as well as any rifle that utilizes the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) rifle chassis/stock system, but they’re not compatible with the AI Auto-Adjusting Comb.

Hat tip to DefenseReview (DR) friend and contributor Chen Lee (“SMGLee”) for giving us the heads-up (I can’t stop!) on the AccuStack video ad and sending us the link. Keep ’em comin’ (o.k., I’ll stop, now).

Company Contact Info:

Victor Company
PO Box 497
La Canada, CA 91012-0497
Phone: 818-472-9460
Email: [email protected]

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Accu-Stack Comb Riser Helps You Keep it Up During Hard-Core Sniping Operations Deep Inside Enemy Lines: Thank You Major Fox! (Fun Video!) by

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