Zensah Tactical Apparel Keeps Tactical Operators Cool, Dry, and Bacteria-Free

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by David Crane

It would appear that Under Armour just got some serious competition in the realm of advanced moisture-wicking/cooling undergarments for military Special Operations (SPECOPS) and law enforcement (LE) SWAT/SRT operators. An Israeli company called Zensah™ Performance (based in Tel-Aviv, Israel) is making tactical compression shirts that utilize high-tech moisture-wicking, bacteriostatic nylon/polyamide microfibers. Zensah Tactical seamless compression apparel was originally developed specifically for military Special Operations Forces (SOF) to be worn under tactical body armor and tactical clothing during direct action/dynamic tactical operations, including dynamic CQB (Close Quarters Battle). Zensah Performance states that these Zensah Tactical seamless compression shirts are "the most technical tactical shirts to date".

As the company (Zensah) notes, keeping the operator cool is not only important for ensuring optimum operator performance, but also offers a secondary benefit–aiding the operator in…

avoiding detection from enemy forces that might be employing thermal cameras or scopes to target him.

Zensah Tactical seamless compression shirts utilize FreeSeam™ seamless construction, which gives the operator a "true second skin fit" and eliminates chafing, keeping him much more comfortable. Military Special Operations (SPECOPS) personnel, LE SWAT/SRT operators, and private military company (PMC) operators (like PSD/Security Operators) can’t afford to have anything going on that distracts them from the mission at hand–chafing included.

Zensah Tactical garments also utilize silver ions that kill bacteria and assist in conducting/pulling heat away from the tactical operator’s body while the Zensah™ fabric wicks moisture away from his skin , keeping him both cool and dry during dynamic tactical operations. This anti-bacterial (or, bacteriostatic) aspect, as far as DefRev is aware, is currently unique in the tactical undergarment field, but we haven’t yet confirmed this.

DefenseReview recently received samples of the short and long-sleeve Zensah Tactical shirts. The samples we received are both black in color, but white appears to also be available. We don’t yet know if the Zensah Tactical shirts are available in O.D. green and desert tan, but we hope so. We’ll be testing our samples out, shortly. We’re also going to be speaking with and interviewing Ryan Oliver, Zensah’s marketing manager here in the U.S., about the Zensah technology, including the silver ion aspect. Once we do both these things, we’ll publish a follow-up article on the Zensah products. It should be noted that the author has tried on both shirts Defense Review received, and can personally attest to the comfort factor associated with Zensah Tactical undergarments’ FreeSeam™ seamless construction. Comfy, indeed.

The Zensah Tactical seamless compression shirts come in both short and long-sleeve configurations. The short-sleeve shirt retails for $39.95. The long-sleeve version will run you $49.95, retail.

By the way, Zensah also makes tactical seamless compression shorts, which cost $34.95 a pair. Zensah Tactical shorts utilize the same Zensah™ fabric and design, and, according to the company, "are the simply most effective product of their kind".

You can contact Zensah™ Performance in the U.S. by phone at 305-984-6436 (Miami, FL). Fax number is 305-675-0221. You can reach them via email at sales@zensah.com. Ask for Ryan Oliver.

You can contact Zensah Performance headquarters in Israel at +972-52-620-6250 (O11-972-52-620-6250), or by email at israel@zensah.com.

The base fabric/materials technology for Zensah Tactical undergarments/clothing is provided by Nylstar, with whom Zensah has a technology partnership. Zensah Tactical Apparel utilizes Nylstar’s Meryl Actisystem.

Meryl SkinlifE, one of the microfiber/fabric technologies in the Meryl Actisystem family of microfibers, provides the anti-bacterial (bacteriostatic) material properties to the fabric.

Click here to read a short Defense Update blurb on Zensah Tactical Apparel.

Click here to read a short press release-style blurb about the Zensah™ Tactical shirt at SecurityPark.co.uk.

The following comes directly from Nylstar’s corporate literature on the Meryl Actisystem:

"The Meryl Actisystem is the latest innovation in textile fibers, designed to meet the demands of both athletic and leisure activities. These fibers, created with cutting-edge technology, are the result of continual research into leading solutions that fully satisfy a wide variety of performance requirements. Therefore, the Meryl Actisystem is designed to revolutionize technical apparel for sports enthusiasts.

More than just a simple fiber, the Meryl Actisystem combines a variety of comprehensive and versatile high-performance solutions. Garments made with Meryl Actisystem maintain the natural balance of body comfort because the fabrics are ultra-breathable and fast drying, and possess excellent moisture management properties, which quickly wick moisture away from the body. Garments are also extremely lightweight and possess elasticity properties, which allow for great comfort and freedom of movement. Meryl Actisystem is also ideal for the most extreme sports because of its incredible strength and durability.

Experience the following performance features of the innovative Meryl Actisystem, and choose the features below and create a Meryl fiber that best suits your needs:

Moisture Management

Meryl’s high performance fibers are the building blocks for exceptionally fast-drying properties, with greater ability to wick moisture away from the skin. Fabrics made with Meryl® Microfiber and Meryl® Nateo allow active consumers to stay drier longer and more comfortable.


Maintaining a natural level of bacteria on the skin provides a high level of comfort and personal hygiene, especially during athletic activities. Garments using Meryl® Skinlife possess moisture management and bacteriostatic properties and maintain the athlete’s physiological balance.

Ultraviolet Protection

Meryl® fibers eliminate UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to the skin. Meryl Actisystem guarantees an optimal level of defense compared to the most common natural and synthetic fibers.

Natural Look & Feel

Meryl fibers provide incredible softness and comfort, but maintain the natural touch and look. Meryl® Nateo guarantees that fabrics dry faster and offer complete skin protection.

Comfort & Stretch

For ultimate performance, athletes must be able to move without restraint. Sportswear made with Elité® from Meryl Actisystem enhances stretch to a surprising degree, allowing for total freedom of movement and maximum comfort.

Ultralight & Windproof

Fabrics made with Meryl® Nexten and Meryl® Microfiber under the Meryl Actisystem specification are extremely lightweight, an indispensable feature for all types of sports. These fabrics also offer exceleent protection against rain and wind while maintaining a soft hand.

Abrasion Resistance

To experience a sport activity to its fullest, the fabric in a garment has to have incredible strength, durability and resistance. Meryl® Techno guarantees excellent abrasion resistance, holding up to the wear and tear of even the most vigorous sports."

For more info on the Meryl Actisystem, you can contact Nylstar’s U.S. marketing manager, Dina Dunn, via email at dina.dunn@nylstar.com.

Or, you can contact Nylstar’s Asian marketing manager, Rita Tao, via email at rita.tao@nylstar.com.

Zensah Tactical Apparel Keeps Tactical Operators Cool, Dry, and Bacteria-Free by

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