Walther P99 Compact Pistol: Subcompact 9mm/.40 S&W for CCW/Back-Up.

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by David Crane

Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen has just introduced a new subcompact version of the Walther P99 pistol. The new pistol is called the Walther P99 Compact. The P99 Compact sports a Glock 26/27-style/sized grip that only allows a two-finger hold. However, a factory-supplied magazine extension allows a three-finger hold.

The Walther P99 Compact pistol’s trigger mechanism is worth talking about, for a minute. The standard Walther P99 Compact pistol utilizes the…

same unique AS (Anti-Stress) DA/SA (double-action/single-action) trigger mechanism as it’s larger, standard P99 sibling. The system allows one to carry the P99 compact in standard DA/SA mode, where the operator will have a long, heavy double-action trigger pull for the first shot, followed by a lighter, shorter trigger pull for all subsequent shots. The second mode of carry is with the P99 trigger in the single-action half-cocked mode, where the first shot will require a short, single-action trigger pull, with all subsequent SA shots being the same. The third trigger mode that the P99 DA/SA system allows is the trigger in half-cocked mode, with trigger fully forward, so the first shot requires a long double-action-length pull, but the trigger-pull weight is single-action weight. Any Walther P99 pistol outfitted with this DA/SA trigger mechanism is designated as a A P99 pistol that feature this system is designated as a P99 AS (Anti-Stress). In the case of the compact, it would be called the Walther P99 Compact AS.

The Walther P99 Compact pistol will also be available with Walther’s QA (Quick Action) trigger mechanism. According to the Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen website, with the Quick Action (QA) trigger system, a "partially preloaded striker provides a uniform short, light trigger pull". The QA trigger is basically Walther’s answer to the Glock Safe-Action trigger. The Walther P99 Compact pistol will be available in both AS and QA trigger models.

The Walther P99 Compact’s de-cocking lever, or de-cocker, is somewhat unconventional. It’s slide-mounted on the lefthand side, top/rear, for actuation by the thumb of either the firing/shooting hand (if you have decent-sized hands) or (more quickly and easily) by the support hand. If you’re a righty and want to use your shooting hand thumb, you will have to break your shooting grip to actuate the de-cocker. It’s always best not to have to break your shooting grip, so using your left thumb (support hand) is the way to go, if possible. If you’re a lefty, the best method is to reach over the top of the slide with your right thumb, to actuate it.

Barrel length is 3.5". Overall weight is 18.7 oz. (empty). Sights are fixed with three-dot, with 4 interchangeable front blades, and windage-adjustable rear sight. The P99 Compact pistol is available in both 9mm and .40 S&W. Ammo capacity is a reported 10+1 rounds in both calibers. The pistol comes with two mags and two interchangeable backstraps for the grip.

If you’d like to inquire about or acquire a Walther P99 Compact pistol, you can contact Walther USA by phone at 800-372-6454, or via email at customerservice@waltheramerica.com. Walther firearms are distributed exclusively in the United States by Smith & Wesson.

Walther P99 Compact Pistol: Subcompact 9mm/.40 S&W for CCW/Back-Up. by

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