Walker’s Game Ear Power Muffs **Quad** Active Electronic Hearing Protection

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by David Crane

**Note: This story contains links to previous DefRev stories that feature exclusive DefRev video footage of advanced tactical (select-fire) weaponry being fired.**

I’ve been using these for almost a year now, and am extremely satisfied with them. Power Muffs Quad, made by Walker’s Game Ear, are both comfortable and highly effective for their intended use. They performed wonderfully at last year’s SWAT Round-Up (2002) in Orlando, FL while I was testfiring some of the newer select-fire tactical guns on the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s testing/shooting range.

The brass tacks of it is that the Walker’s Game Ear Power Muffs **Quad** are one of the most comfortable pairs of shooting muffs I’ve ever worn, and the…

active electronics work perfectly. The sound protection level is also high. DefRev can recommend this product without any reservations. The Power Muffs **Quad** have been a superlative product for our use. DefRev will be reviewing the Walker’s Tactical Ear III W-C in an upcoming story, so stay tuned.

If you’d like to see the Walker’s Game Ear Power Muffs **Quad** in action, here are some links to DefRev stories that contain video footage of of the product in action. The stories also contain links to Walker’s Game Ear’s site so you ca get more info on their products. By the way, that’s DefRev’s editor-in-chief, David Crane, wearing the Power Muffs **Quad** in the videos. Here are the links:

HK MP7 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) story and videos. You can see the Walker’s Game Ear Power Muffs **Quad** in action in "Video 2". That’s the video containing footage of DefRev’s editor-in-chief, David Crane, running the HK MP7 PDW.

HK G36C ("Commando") Subcarbine story and video.

Gemtech 552 Commando Subcarbine with Gemtech Supprressor/Silencer story and video

Arms Tech Compak-16 5.56 Subcarine story and video.


Walker’s Game Ear Power Muffs **Quad** Active Electronic Hearing Protection by

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