DefRev Video: Heckler & Koch G36C(Commando) Sub-Carbine at SWAT Round-Up 2002.

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by David Crane

While we were at SWAT Round-Up 2002, we were fortunate to get to put a few rounds through the HK G36C sub-carbine. Out of all the guns we got to shoot at round-up, this one would be my personal choice. It was nice and compact, and had very light recoil, even on full-auto. We only wish we had been able to really run it for reliability and accuracy. The G36C in the video is fitted with the truly excellent Aimpoint CompM2 red dot optical gunsight, and Surefire M900a vertical foregrip/white light mount. The combination of the…

Aimpoint CompM2 and M900a vertical foregrip /white light mount is tough to beat, and was greatly appreciated by DefRev’s humble editor-in-chief. You may also notice I’m wearing a set of Power Muffs Quad, made by Walker’s Game Ear. This was one of the most comfortable pair of shooting muffs I’ve ever worn, and the active electronics worked perfectly. The protection level was also high.

Very Important Instructions for Downloading and Playing Videos: If you’d like to see the Heckler & Koch G36C video DefRev recently shot at SWAT Round-Up 2002, please follow these steps, to the letter : 1) Right-click on the link to the video. 2) Left-click on "Save Target As…" inside the box that pops open to save the video to your "Desktop" or area of choice. 3) Once download is complete and the video file is sitting on your desktop, right-click on the file icon and then left-click on "Play" inside the box that’s opened up. This should automatically launch your Microsoft Windows Media player so you can watch the video you’ve downloaded(at this time, we’re not sure that Apple users will be able to view it). Currently, you cannot view these videos using Quicktime or RealVideo. Remember, you must right-click on one of the links below to download the video you’ve chosen properly and then you must right-click again on the file icon once you’ve saved it to your "Desktop" or chosen area, in order to view it using your Microsoft Windows Media Player. This process is different from using the standard clicking method, where you click using the left side of your mouse.

Right-click here to download/save video, and watch DefRev editor-in-chief, David Crane, fire the Heckler & Koch G36C.

DefRev Video: Heckler & Koch G36C(Commando) Sub-Carbine at SWAT Round-Up 2002. by

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