New Gemtech Suppressor for SIG 552 Commando Subcarbine. First Time Video!

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by David Crane

DefRev is proud to bring it’s readers the first video ever made public of the SIG 552 Commando subcarbine being fired with Gemtech’s brand new suppressor attached. I must say, right off the bat, that I really enjoyed running the SIG 552 Commando with the new can. With the Gemtech attached, it doesn’t seem like you really even need any hearing protection. It’s real quiet folks. With the Gemtech attached, all you can hear is the supersonic crack of the 5.56mm bullet and the bolt carrier cycling. However, that said, since we’re not audiologists over here, we recommend that our readers always wear both eye and ear protection anyway.

So, now that we’ve got that little disclaimer out of the way, a quick word about the SIG 552 Commando Subcarbine: great little gun. I think this and the…

Heckler & Koch G36C are the two best little subcarbines out there right now. I wouldn’t hesitate to take either one of them into a CQB situation. Both are relatively lightweight, handy, reliable and accurate. The SIG is just beautifully made. The gun exudes quality. It’s basically a refined mini-AK, as it utilizes a Kalashnikov-type gas system for it’s operation. Of course, comparing the SIG 552 Commando Subcarbine to a Krinkov is like comparing a Ferarri to a Crown Victoria. Both will get you around town, but they’re very different rides. The Swiss make their guns like their watches and their chocolate–WELL.

Gemtech did a nice job with this suppressor. As it happens, they really had to, since it was developed specifically for an Army Special Forces unit that wanted suppressors for their batch of SIG 552 Commandos. Ideally, DefRev would have like to have run at least a few hundred rounds through the can for a real test, but we simply did not have this opportunity. If this new SIG 552 Commando suppressor turns out to be durable enough to be able to handle a serious round count being put through it on full auto, in a very short duration of time, it would appear that Gemtech’s got one hell of a new can on their hands. It’s a nice little unit. Now, Gemtech just needs a name for it.

By the way, in the video, you might notice a couple things. First, my shooting stance is not quite as forward as I would have liked. I was dealing with a sore left ankle(which I did not want to aggravate), so I compensated by keeping my weight more centered. I tried to keep as aggessive a stance as possible, but I don’t know how sucessful I was. Normally, I like to keep my weight more forward in, again, a more aggressive stance.

Secondly, you’ll see me attempt to fire the first shot, with no appreciable result–other than the muzzle dipping slightly. This is because the safety was still on. Whups! Not too smart. Actually, I’m not sure if I jerked the (attempted) shot because I was already a little twitchy from doing a lot of full-auto shooting by that time, or if I just happened to pull the trigger a little too hard. Either way, it’s bad technique. If one pulls the trigger on a weapon, and he/she has stupidly and unkowingly left the manual safety in the "on" position, that gun’s muzzle should not move. So, please do as I say, not as I do.

Special thanks to Kelly Whelan (Gemtech) and the organizers of SWAT Round-Up 2002 for allowing us to try out Gemtech’s newest product, and shoot this video. Another special thanks to Bob Walker of Walker’s Game Ear, who supplied me with a pair of his Power Muffs Quad, for SWAT Round-Up. These get a big "thumbs up". Great active muff.

Very Important Instructions for Downloading and Playing Videos: If you’d like to see the Gemtech suppressor/SIG 552 Commando subcarbine video DefRev recently shot at SWAT Round-Up 2002, please follow these steps, to the letter : 1) Right-click on the link to the video. 2) Left-click on "Save Target As…" inside the box that pops open to save the video to your "Desktop" or area of choice. 3) Once download is complete and the video file is sitting on your desktop, right-click on the file icon and then left-click on "Play" inside the box that’s opened up. This should automatically launch your Microsoft Windows Media player so you can watch the video you’ve downloaded(at this time, we’re not sure that Apple users will be able to view it). Currently, you cannot view these videos using Quicktime or RealVideo. Remember, you must right-click on one of the links below to download the video you’ve chosen properly and then you must right-click again on the file icon once you’ve saved it to your "Desktop" or chosen area, in order to view it using your Microsoft Windows Media Player. This process is different from using the standard clicking method, where you click using the left side of your mouse.

Right-click here to download/save video, and watch DefRev editor-in-chief, David Crane, load and fire a Gemtech-suppressed SIG 552 Commando subcarbine.


New Gemtech Suppressor for SIG 552 Commando Subcarbine. First Time Video! by

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