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Video: Thor Shield Anti-Taser/Anti-Microwave Weapon Tech

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by David Crane
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DefenseReview has written articles about the Taser X26 less lethal weapon system and its proprietary Video Digital Power Power Magazine, which records video from any shooting incident in which a Taser X26 is involved. But, how does one defend against the X26’s potent Shaped Pulse Technology? Well, we’ve got two words for ya’: Thor Shield (TS) (a.k.a. ThorShield).

Thor Shield is basically an anti-Taser fabric. G2 Consulting, which makes the new anti-Taser tech fabric, claims that ThorShield "provides the ultimate defense available today for non-lethal [a.k.a. less-lethal) energy weapons", i.e. any kind of stun gun or Taser-like weapon that relies on electricity to incapacitate. G2 states that Thor Shield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric is 100% effective against all non-lethal/less-lethal energy weapons currently in use. There are two versions of it: Heavy Protection and Light Protection.

Heavy Protection Thor Shield Fabric will, according to the company, protect the wearer against…

both less-lethal energy weapons and less-lethal directed energy weapons (DEW) that use microwaves. This is a significant thing, especially if the fabric can protect the wearer from millimeter-wave weapons tech like Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate’s rather frightening Active Denial Technology (ADT). ADT is particularly nasty.

Defense Review ran into some of the AFRL Directed Energy Directorate boys at International SOF Week APBI 2005. Let me just say that those guys are definitely up to no good, over there. Thank God they’re on our side. But, I digress. In order to get one of their Chili Pepper-shaped pens, I had to put the tip of my index finger on the end of a device they had there at the booth to demonstrate their ADT tech, and see how long I could stand it before I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to pull my finger away. When they turned the device on, the tip of my finger began getting hotter and hotter, until I had no choice but to remove it as quickly as possible. I remember telling the gentleman who burned my finger "you’re very bad people". I was only half kidding, actually. I’ve been around guns for a long time, but this invisible microwave tech really scares me, especially since ADT will make your whole body feel like my finger felt. Not fun. Now, do you get the Chili Pepper pen angle? Real funny (sarcasm). Anyway, we don’t yet know whether or not Thor Shield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric would be effective for defending against Active Denial Technology (ADT) millimeter wave technology, but we’ll look into it. What if America’s enemies will successfully develop microwave weapons similar to ADT for use in infantry combat. It would be nice if our soldiers had a means of defense against it, right?

Light Protection Thor Shield Fabric will protect the wearer from less lethal/non-lethal energy weapons (Tasers, etc.), and allows for greater flexibility at less weight than the Heavy Protection fabric. Just one thing: with both fabrics, in order to keep the Taser X26 darts from penetrating your skin, you would most likely have to combine the Thor Shield fabric(s) with other thicker or anti-penetrative materials–especially if you’re up against Taser’s extra-penetration darts/cartridge. These darts are pretty long, and very sharp. Fortunately, both versions of the Thor Shield Energy Weapon Protection Fabric can be integrated with any other type of clothing/garment, like gloves, jackets, even body armor.

Right-Click here and then click on "Save Target As" to download and watch the Thor Shield product demo video.

If you’d like to get more information on the Thor Shield technology, you can contact G2 Consulting, Phone: 877-562-1935, Fax: 520-682-7277, Email: [email protected]. Ask for Greg Schultz or Greg Williams. You can contact both men directly at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively.  Or, you can just visit their website at

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