Video: LMO Twin-M240 Machine Gun System/Mount

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by David Crane
defrev at

DefenseReview recently published an article on the LMO Twin-M240 Machine Gun Mount System/Mount, which we really enjoyed shooting at NDIA Small Arms Symposium 2007.

Well, as it happens, Trey Knight of Knight’s Armament Co. (KAC) was kind enough to shoot a short video clip of yours truly firing the weapon. I actually fired a lot more rounds through the weapon than what the video shows, but the clip will at least show you how the twin FN M240 machine guns are fired. The reason the video clip is so short is because Trey shot it on my Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera (7.2 megapixels), not with an actual camcorder. Ideally I would have liked to have gotten some video footage from behind me while I’m firing, so the viewer could see the rounds impacting the target down-range, but oh, well. Next time, perhaps.

Anyway, when you’re watching it, watch my right hand. You’ll see me squeezing the hand brake. That’s really all there was too it. I squeezed, guns went bang. Here’s the link to the video clip:…

Right-Click here and then click on "Save Link As" (Mozilla Firefox) or "Save Target As" (Microsoft Internet Explorer) to download and play the short video clip of David Crane firing the LMO Twin-M240 Machine Gun Mount/System.

Video: LMO Twin-M240 Machine Gun System/Mount by

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