Video: Iraqi Insurgents/Terrorists Ambush PMC/PSC PSD Team on BIAP Road

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by David Crane
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Last year, DefenseReview received some interesting (and disturbing) video footage of an Edinburgh Risk and Security Management (ERSM) PSD/Security Operator team getting ambushed by Iraqi insurgents/terrorists in Baghdad, Iraq, while conducting Operation APOLLO.  The contact occurred on the morning of April 20, 2005 (4/20/2005) on the infamous BIAP Road. This was a small arms contact.  The enemy was armed with at least one Russian-type 7.62mmx54R PKM belt-fed GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun) firing AP (armor-piercing) ammo that was able to penetrate the team’s vehicles, including a B6-level armored car/vehicle (Mercedes).   The ERSM operators suffered casualties and deaths.

James Yeager (American) was one of those ERSM PSD operators, that day. Fortunately, he survived the attack. Mr. Yeager is an active LEO (law enforcement officer) and well-known tactical instructor (including tactical shooting instructor). He is currently a lead instructor at Tactical Response, Inc. (TR), which he also owns and operates.

Right-click on the link below to watch the video clip:…
Right-Click here and then click on "Save Target As" (Microsoft Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Mozilla Firefox) to download and view video clip of the ERSM PSD team getting ambushed on BIAP Road, Baghdad, Iraq.

The following documents relate to the incident:

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Mr. Yeager and Mr. Traudt in the documents linked-to above are not necessarily those of

You can contact Tactical Response, Inc. (TR) by phone at 731-676-2041, and you can contact TR founder and lead instructor James Yeager directly via email at

In additional to tactical shooting (Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun) and SWAT courses, Tactical Response also offers a number of "High Risk Civilian Contractor" courses (shooting, driving, medical, CQB/CQC, and executive protection/bodyguard packages) for those interested in pursuing work as PSD operators. Disclaimer: Passing any or all of the various TR "High-Risk Civilian Contractor" courses does not guarantee employment with a PSC.


Edinburgh Risk and Security Management (ERSM) has been renamed as Edinburgh International (EI).  EI is a private military company/private security company (PMC/PSC).

The acronym "PSD" stands for "Personal Security Detail" or "Personal Security Detachment".

Video: Iraqi Insurgents/Terrorists Ambush PMC/PSC PSD Team on BIAP Road by

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