USTACRA SWAT Rodeo Tactical Shooting Competition Being Held on August 12-13, 2010!

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The following is a USTACRA press release that’s been edited and modified (i.e. re-written) by David Crane:

May 27, 2010

The United States Tactical Rifle Association (USTACRA) will be hosting SWAT Rodeo 2010 on August 12-13, 2010, consisting of two days of pure tactical shooting . There will be ten complex shooting stages, and every stage ends with a hostage rescue scenario. Competitors will compete in “full kit”, i.e. full SWAT clothing and gear, and will utilize both primary (rifle/carbine/SBR) and secondary (pistol) weapon systems. There will even be a stage where the competitors have to shoot while wearing their gas mask.

The (complex) shooting stages will test the operators’ ability to shoot fast and accurately, and will require a blend of indexing transitions and foot work, fully testing the operators ability to think, shoot and react in a “split second”. Each stage will present different shooting zones, and the competitors will have to shoot through a “mind maze” of targets. “Hostages” will be placed throughout all the stages.Talk about mental gymnastics!

Let’s compare Close Quarters Battle / Close Quarters Combat (CQB/CQC) to playing hockey, for a second. You can’t play hockey at a high level until you first learn to ice skate really well. It’s the same with high-level tactical shooting. You can’t be a good tactical shooter/operator until you’re a good technical shooter. If you want to be the best tactical shooter you can be, you must first become the best technical shooter you can be. In a life and death tactical shooting situation, your life depends on your ability to think, react, and execute with surgical precision and timing. You can have all the tactics in the world, and still be the first to hit the ground if you don’t hit your opponent before he hits you.

This is SWAT Rodeo’s 4th year. Come see us at the rodeo!

USTACRA SWAT Rodeo 2010 Flyer (PDF Format)

USTACRA SWAT Rodeo 2010 Registration Form (PDF Format)

USTACRA SWAT Rodeo 2010 Registration Form (JPEG Format)

“Train hard, because your life depends on it.”
Harry Fleming, SHD Consulting

“SWAT Rodeo is set up for serious people who desire serious training.”
David Howlett, founder of USTACRA SWAT Rodeo

“Don’t let your mind out shoot your body and don’t let your body out shoot your mind. Be in the moment.”
David Howlett founder of USTACRA SWAT Rodeo.

Organization Contact Info:

Registration Contact:
David Howlett, Director
United States Tactical Rifle Association (USTACRA)
360-410-6215 Phone Email Website

Law Enforcement (LE) Contact:
Darrion Holiwell, TAC-30
206-730-7828 Phone Email

USTACRA SWAT Rodeo Tactical Shooting Competition Being Held on August 12-13, 2010! by

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