U.S. Military Testing Spray-On Polymer Armor

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by David Crane
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The U.S. military is currently working with a spray-on elastomeric polymer coating that can perhaps stop everything from bomb fragments to bullets. The exact elastomeric polymers the U.S. military is working with are polyurethane and polyurea, which can be combined with each other. The main selling point for spray-on polymer armor is that its very light and cheap, compared to metallic (steel, titanium, etc…), ceramic, and fiber (kevlar, spectra, et…) armoring materials.

Noah Shachtman just posted an interesting blog containing some info about this spray-on polymer armor technology on his website, DefenseTech.org.
Also, "Tomahawk 6" has posted a copy of an "Army Times" article about the technology on Paratrooper.net. You can read it by…

clicking here. The "Army Times" article is titled "Services test spray-on vehicle armor: Polymer-coated steel cheaper, lighter than ‘up-armoring’ with plates" (by William Matthews).

U.S. Military Testing Spray-On Polymer Armor by

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