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FreeLinc FreeMotion 200 Wireless Tactical Comms Headset: Secure Wireless Tactical Communications Bubble

by David Crane david at defensereview.com A company called FreeLinc recently introduced a tactical headset for military Special Operations Forces (SOF), law enforcement swat teams, and PSC/PMC PSD/Security Operators called the FreeMotion 200 that represents a significant development in secure tactical communications–the key word being "secure". Of course, there are a number of companies out there making high-quality tactical headsets …

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Cobra Boom-Arm Tactical Communications Headset for Special Operations

by David Crane david at defensereview.com The good folks at Television Equipment Associates, Inc. (TEA) (SWATHeadsets.com) are now marketing the Modular “Cobra” Boom-Arm Tactical Headset System a.k.a. “Modular Cobra System”. Basically, the Cobra is a mission-configurable, lightweight, low-profile, and waterproof tactical communications headset (a.k.a. tactical comms headset) that’s also reportedly very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It’s …

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New Eagle Tactical Headsets for Special Operations. It’s in the Bones.

Every well-funded Special Operations team on earth, whether it be military or law enforcement, currently utilizes some form of tactical communications headset. Communication between team members and between the team and their command structure is one of the most important aspects of any tactical op. One of the most highly respected companies currently fulfilling this need is New Eagle, of …

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