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AR-15/M4/M4A1 Carbine Reliability Issues: Why They Occur, and Why They’re Our Fault!

Why M4's have reliability issues…and why it's our fault! By Michael Pannone December 24, 2008 I fired 15,000 rounds through a semi-automatic M4/M4A1-type direct-gas-impingement (DGI) carbine in 31 weeks without a single malfunction attributable to anything except bad ammunition or bad magazines, with a grand total of 9 malfunctions. The least number of rounds fired between cleanings was 960 rounds, …

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Cammenga EasyMag: Fast-Loading, Sliding-Front Next-Gen AR-15/M16 Rifle Magazine

by David Crane defrev at gmail dot com Speaking of AR rifle mags, Cammenga Corp. is making a very cool 30-round AR-15/M16 magazine (4179 STANAG box mag) called the EasyMag that that is truly unique, very interesting, and really cool. Billed as a "Next-Generation Firearm Magazine", the Cammenga EasyMag Model EM3-556 features an "open-case" design that allows for very fast …

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DefRev Quick Hits: Carbines, Pistols, Mags, Tactical Lights, Lasers, and Targets

by David Crane defrev at gmail dot com January 18, 2008 1) Next Generation Arms (NGA) is offering the Cammenga Easymag steel magazine with their proprietary anti-corrosion/rust and self-lubricating firearms coatings/finishes. DefenseReview recently published information on NGA’s firearms / gun coatings in an article by tactical instructor and retired military Special Operations assaulter/operator Mike Pannone on the Larue Tactical Stealth …

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