Cammenga EasyMag: Fast-Loading, Sliding-Front Next-Gen AR-15/M16 Rifle Magazine

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by David Crane
defrev at gmail dot com

Speaking of AR rifle mags, Cammenga Corp. is making a very cool 30-round AR-15/M16 magazine (4179 STANAG box mag) called the EasyMag that that is truly unique, very interesting, and really cool. Billed as a "Next-Generation Firearm Magazine", the Cammenga EasyMag Model EM3-556 features an "open-case" design that allows for very fast and easy loading, unloading and cleaning, since the front of the magazine housing slides down–thus the "open case" description. This gives you, the loader, with access to the entire inside of the magazine for loading rounds by hand via stacking very quickly and easily, without the need for stripper clips or a separate loading device like the maglula Ltd. Lula Loader & Unloader or, ironically, the Cammenga EasyLoader.

According to the company, you can load the…

EasyMag fast-loading, sliding front box mag twice as fast as a 5.56 rifle magazine with loose ammo, due to the "open-case"/sliding front aspect, and you can "open and clean it in seconds." However, the EasyMag can be loading like a conventional magazine with stripper clips and AR-15/M16 magazine loaders like the Lula and EasyLoader, just like a conventional magazine, if you so choose.

The EasyMag’s magazine housing (a.k.a. casing), follower, and baseplate are made of high-strength 1050 spring steel and coated with a "two-layer anti-friction coating". However Nathan Roads of Next Generation Arms (NGA) is now coating EasyMags with a special ceramic coating (or group of coatings) that is even more lubricitous and protective than the factory coating, and selling them directly. Mike Pannone’s recent article for DefenseReview on the LaRue Tactical Stealth 16" Upper Receiver for tactical AR carbines discusses NGA’s anti-corrosion/rust and self-lubricating firearms coatings.

Note: The fact that Nathan Roads/Next Generation Arms (NGA) is coating and selling EasyMags directly to the public says a lot about the quality of the product, and constitutes a very big endorsement. Mr. Roads knows his stuff when it comes to tactical AR rifles and carbines, and only involves himself with high-quality products–and his advanced firearm coatings (a.k.a. gun coatings) are second to none, according to several of DefenseReview’s professional contacts in the community (tactical community / tactical shooting community).

Cammenga has a demonstration video on their website that shows the EasyMag next-gen mag in action. The video not only shows the EasyMag being loading very fast with loose ammo, but also being thrown in the ground (in the dirt) and then loaded into the gun to show the mag’s durability and reliability under adverse conditions and abuse.

Defense Review will be visiting Matt Cammenga and the rest of the Cammenga Corp. team at their booth at SHOT Show 2008, later this week. While we’re there, we’re going to try to acquire a few EasyMags for testing.

In the meantime, if you’d like to purchase an EasyMag (or a bunch of them), click on this link.
Suggested retail on the EasyMag is $39.95 USD.

Company Contact Info:

Cammenga Corp
100 Aniline Ave. Ste. 258
Holland, MI 49424
616-392-7999 Office
616-392-9432 Fax Email Website

Cammenga EasyMag: Fast-Loading, Sliding-Front Next-Gen AR-15/M16 Rifle Magazine by

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