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DefRev Photo Analysis: U.S. Secret Service PPD CAT Operator Tactical Hardware

By David Crane defrev at gmail dot com November 24, 2008 Updated on May 6, 2009 Ever since he won the presidential election, the press has been following President-Elect Barack Obama around Chicago like a bunch of hungry (and annoying) puppies. Whether he’s going to his transition office in the Kluczynski Federal Building in the Loop (dowtown Chicago professional district, …

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Swanson Shield Gunner’s Shield Protecting U.S. Infantry Warfighters in Iraq

by David Crane david@defensereview.com It’s common knowledge that enemy IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are currently the number one threat to our infantry warfighters, and have been for quite some time. HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, a.k.a. Humvee) machine gunners have been some of the most vulnerable targets (if not the most vulnerable targets), due to the fact that they …

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AGSS II Helo Gunner Simulator: Super-Realism for More Enemy Kills in Battle

by David Crane david@defensereview.com This article was published on Sept. 8, 2005. The Advanced Gunner Scanner Simulator II a.k.a. Aerial Gunner Scanner Simulator II system discussed in this article has since been renamed. It is now designated the Advanced Generation Simulator System II (AGSS II). As a door gunner in a MH-60K Black Hawk (U.S. Army) or MH-60R Sea Hawk …

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