Surefire X200 LED WeaponLight for Tactical Pistols

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by David Crane

DefRev’s been hearing some good things about this item. The Surefire X200 LED WeaponLight is Surefire’s latest handgun-mounted tactical light, and it’s designed to go head-to-head against Insight Technology’s M3 group of tactical weapons lights. These include the M3 Tactical Illuminator, M3-LED Tactical Illuminator, and M3X Tactical Illuminator. DefRev has yet to T&E the Surefire X200 LED WeaponLight ourselves, but reports we’ve received, so far, are positive.

According to Proleps’ Flashlights Surefire X200 LED WeaponLight Page, the Surefire X200 LED Weaponlight "is waterproof to 30 meters and contains a shock-proof Luxeon LED. SureFire also advertises it as being the smallest weapon-mounted light: it is definitely compact, especially since the two 123 batteries are parallel to each other." And, according to Surefire, the X200 "is designed to…

fit both the Universal Standard rail as well as the MIL STD M-1913 (Picatinny) rail, and includes adapter plates for both. A momentary toggle/push switch allows fail-safe ambidextrous function under fire."

There’s an informative X200 thread on Warrior Talk Forums. You can read it by clicking here. There are also a couple of threads on that talk about the SureFire X200 LED WeaponLight. You can read the first one by clicking on this link. Hilton Yam started another good thread on the Surefire X200 awhile back (in the "Ground Zero") forum, but you’ll have to use’s search function to find it.

You might also want to check out this thread on GlockTalk.

Just as an aside, the Surefie X200 LED WeaponLight is probably a perfect accessory to the Strike Plate Rail System (S.P.R.S.) for 1911 pistols that I wrote about in this previous DefRev story.

If you’re interested in acquiring Surefire X200 LED Weaponlight for your home-protection or carry pistol, DefRev highly recommends as your source. Clicking here will take you directly to the Surefire X200 LED Weaponlight page. Lightfighter sells the X200 for $219.00 US.

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