‘Super Match Trigger Groups’ for AR-15/M16-based Rifles, Carbines, & Subcarbines

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Chip McCormick Corp. (CMC) is making some very interesting drop-in “Super Match Trigger Groups” for AR-15/M16’s. The Super Match Trigger Group is made up of a “totally self-contained one-piece assembly”, which, on its face, would appear to adhere to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle.

The sales literature on the CMC Super Match Trigger Groups has the following to say about them:…

“1) Gunsmiths: patent pending one-piece assembly installs in minutes. Check for safe/proper function, you’re done.”

2) Installation of the trigger group is quite simple: drop in the one-piece assembly, install the supplied over-sized pins. No screws to adjust or worry about coming loose at the worst possible time.

3) No cheap tricks or compromises: Full-strength music wire springs for fast lock-time and reliable discharge with factory or military ammo.

Fully-machined tolerances of +/- .001″ and through-hardened , the S-7 tool steel hammer, trigger, disconnector, and pins are made with the highest-grade, hardest, longest-wearing material available. You won’t get this kindo of quality and performance with inferior cast parts. The assembly is contained in a high-grade 410 stainless steel housing.

4) The new Supper Match Flat Trigger design yields unprecedented control, ergonomics and consistency.”

5) Factory-tuned for a better-than-average match grade trigger pull with minimum take-up and over-travel.

6) Available in single-stage and two-stage trigger action. Fits Mil-Spec Receivers. Available for small or large pin receiver holes.”

So the four options available are:

1) Single-stage CMC Super Match Flat Trigger

2) Two-stage CMC Super Match Flat Trigger

3) Single-stage CMC Traditional Curved Trigger

4) Two-stage CMC Traditional Curved Trigger

The single-stage version of the CMC Super Match Trigger Group (flat or curved trigger) retails at $185 US. The two-stage version (flat or curved trigger) retails at $189 US. If you purchase one (or several), you have to specify large pin or small pin, regarding your lower receiver pins. The CMC Super Match Trigger Group fits all Mil-Spec AR-15/M16 receivers except for Colt receivers with sear blocks.

The Chip McCormick (CMC) Super Match Trigger Group is an interesting product, and DefRev will try to learn more about it. On its surface, it looks pretty good, but we don’t yet have any consumer/market feedback on it.

You can contact Chip McCormick Corp. (CMC) toll-free at 800-328-CHIP.

‘Super Match Trigger Groups’ for AR-15/M16-based Rifles, Carbines, & Subcarbines by

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